A beach adventure

You know me, I LOVE the beach! Family photo shoots at the beach are always full of so much fun, it’s a place that we all love to be. This summer I’ve spent most weekends there and I’ve had the most amazing time. This shoot was a little different for me, a family I already knew… not past clients, actually knew in my Mum world! I have to admit I felt a little nervous, I was about to mix my two very separate worlds, my two roles. They knew me as someones Mum, a Mum on the preschool and now school run. Parents I’ve chatted to waiting for our children to come out of school, on the school run as I gather my three little people ready for our journey home. Of course I never stop being a Mother but as I step into my work self I can’t help but be a little different; yet still using all the tricks my own motherhood journey has given me to encourage laughter, play, exploring and opportunities to show the love between family members. Because that is what I do, I create opportunities for you and your family to be yourselves – YOU do the rest. I’m simply an observer of all that you are.

So this session I can’t help but be a little more attached to and proud of. We had the most amazing session together and it started with some sister giggles!

Absolutely love their outfits, totally rocking layers and accessories! As we played by the beach huts I realised that the tide was just starting to hit my favourite little spot so we walked closer to the sea. Transported to this peaceful and stunning location that could quite easily be outside of Essex, the gorgeous South West coast perhaps! It certainly gives me a holiday feeling. It was time to get Mum and Dad in the frame, who of course totally rocked it too. Seriously cute couple right here who I am honoured to call friends.

The love just bursts out of them doesn’t it?! We headed back to fill our bellies with ice creams but we fitted in a gorgeous famliy portrait first.


Oh those giggles! This is what family photography means to me. Having fun, a ton of laughter and above all else you feeling that you can just be yourselves.

What a session. This summer has just given me the most amazing memories, the beach seems to have my heart. As soon as I see the sea I’m just so excited to get going, to explore it with you and watch you embrace your family. I have smiled so much editing the beautiful images of each family, I am attached to every single image I create.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as your family photographer. I can’t wait to get back to the beach next year!



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