The beauty of a lifestyle photography session

Lifestyle photographyFollowing the launch of my mini session promotion (see home page for details) I have been asked what a lifestyle photography session actually is. ┬áSo I thought I’d give you an insight. Whether it’s a mini session or just an outdoor family shoot here is how it works, with me anyway.

We will meet at the arranged location and I will have my camera at the ready. The first 5 minutes or so will be us warming to each other. In most cases I will have been to the location previously or arrive early if it is a public place. This gives me a feel for the area and allows me to have some ideas on how our session will progress.

So lifestyle, simply it is your life! This is capturing you at your most natural. Families will interact, children will play and explore. For the most part we will take a walk around the location but I will give you suggestions as we go. Things like letting you walk away whilst I hold back, getting your children to climb on something or pointing something out for you to look at. I love your input too, after all this is your session. For children we would take it at their pace. If they don’t want to climb on something we will leave it or come back later. Upset children do not make for lovely photographs!


Lifestyle photography

You can bring things from home if you like such as favourite teddies, a picnic blanket or even the dog! I can’t say it enough, this is ALL about you and your family. I want you to be relaxed and most of all I want you to enjoy it. Nature also gives us props to use, tree stumps, long grass, sticks (kids love!) and flowers but to name a few.

A lifestyle photography session with me can take place in so many places and I’d love to hear your suggestions. It might be a place that holds a special meaning to you, your local park or even your garden. Of course sunny days are welcomed but lots of fun can be had in all sorts of weather, like splashing in puddles! If it really is awful we will simply rearrange. I do favour getting outdoors, natural light and the backgrounds of nature make for lovely images. To a degree most of my sessions have a lifestyle element to them, even those that happen in your home as I don’t use white backdrops.

For me as your photographer the beauty of these sessions is that no two sessions will be the same. This is your shoot, your family, making memories as you explore the outdoors. I look forward to meeting you and your family!



lifestyle photography

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