Beautiful Breastfeeding Sessions

Breastfeeding sessions, perhaps not something you’ve heard of before. Or you have and thought that’s not for me? Well let me tell you about how these beautiful sessions have become a part of what I can offer you.

I’m a Mummy to three, all of whom I have breastfed and I’m currently a breastfeeding mum to our youngest, April. Spending such a long time breastfeeding my babies (4.5yrs total so far!) I see it as one of my passions in life. I never imagined I would feed for as long as I have, it just kind of happened! So seeing as photography is another passion it feels only natural to combine the two.

Over the years I’ve always encouraged parents to feed their children during a session to make sure they are happy and settled. When I’ve noticed a mother breastfeeding their child I’ve asked them if they’d like a few images of them feeding and they’ve always said yes. Often mothers have commented that it’s not something they’d thought of capturing, then they’ve seen the photographs and have been so thankful.

My sessions are in your family home or outdoors amongst nature. I have one location in Colchester that I’ve used often (mini session clients you know where!) and I felt this was the perfect place to go for my own breastfeeding session to celebrate one year of breastfeeding.

I felt it was important to not only show the style of image I was offering for these breastfeeding sessions but also to show I know what it’s like to be the other side of the camera. Experiencing this empowerment for myself allows me to show true empathy to my clients. I will treasure these images always.

This led to my first breastfeeding session with the lovely Lucy. She had initially met me for a taster session then decided to book in for a full session. This was to be a very busy weekend which also includes my Growing up Project! I have followed the work of a couple of American photographers for a while now, both offer breastfeeding sessions and I couldn’t wait for it to be my turn. (Ivette Ivens and Mae Burke incase you were wondering!)

My vision was for Lucy to be wearing a floral crown and a long dress, baby wearing just a nappy and beautiful trees surrounding them. I’m more than happy with the results of that vision, as is she!



“I absolutely love working with Sarah. I thought long and hard about taking the plunge and having a breastfeeding session done and when I was feeling brave contacted Sarah to see if I could have a few photos taken in a mini session. Sarah was lovely and put me completely at ease and I loved the photos so much that I booked a longer breastfeeding session for my birthday. I was a bit nervous when it came round as this one was more stylised with props, but I needn’t have worried. I was made to feel totally comfortable and was able to have the shots taken in such a way that I never had to be out of my comfort zone. Sarah works with what you feel that you can do, and if that’s remaining fully clothed while feeding or almost going au natural so be it. It’s whatever works for you. I personally almost went almost au natural which I couldn’t have done if I wasn’t comfortable with who I was working with. My daughter too was perfectly happy having her pictures taken as Sarah’s fantastic with children. I felt so empowered having the shoots done and having them in an outdoor environment was just so special. If you’re thinking about going ahead I implore you to try it out. I’m so proud of the images taken xxxx”



A few weeks before our session I’d been at the same location for a cake smash and noticed the gorgeous long grass. I was yet to use my grandads vintage chair and felt the two would look great together.

If you’re looking for a breastfeeding photographer near Colchester you can contact me either by email or via my Facebook page.

As always you are more than welcome to include a few shots during your family session.

*Update. I’ve now added breastfeeding and babywearing mini sessions. These will be available to book throughout the year. You’ll find details of these here.


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