Breastfeeding at the Beach

{Breastfeeding Project 2016}

This year I am capturing breastfeeding Mums in various locations.

My first session took me to Mersea Beach with a very special Mum – She is tandem feeding her two boys. The tide was out and as we walked to find the perfect sandbank we talked about our journeys. Her husband carried their youngest in a gorgeous Mei Tai and their eldest walked along enjoying being at the beach. Here we were brought together by something that meant so much to us both, I think we felt equally liberated.  We spoke about how we both started out with some problems but how family support, especially from our partners, got us through. Without that support it’s likely that both our journeys would have been cut shorter than we would’ve liked. So a shout out to the amazing dad’s! They are just as important in a breastfeeding journey as Mummy is.

Her amazing body has nurtured both their children through pregnancy and breastfeeding. It was calm, we could hear the distant sea and the seagulls flying over us. People walked by and I could see that she was just completely comfortable. Watching her and photographing her was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my career to date. It was the perfect way to kick off this project.

breastfeeding portrait




Thank you so much Sarah!! What can i say.. I took part in Sarah’s Breastfeeding Project 2016. Normalising breastfeeding is something I care about deeply so firstly it was an honour to take part! It was wonderful to meet you Sarah and get to know you a little bit. You are Inspiring. The experience was completely empowering; I sat on the beach nursing my two boys and I felt strong, peaceful and whole. The photos we have are just wonderful, a perfect way to celebrate the journey we are on together. The light you capture in your images is incredible and your choice of location is truly from the heart. Thank you for doing this project; I hope women feel motivated by what you have captured already to share their breastfeeding journeys too. Wonderful also to meet the other beautiful ladies and their children for the group shots in the country park. A powerful celebration of journeys untold.. captured perfectly.







I have so much admiration for this woman, beautiful inside and out. To be feeding both her babies is pretty amazing in my eyes. She doesn’t often get to feed them both at the same time so being part of this special moment they had together on the beach was amazing.
I want to be back at the beach!!


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