Breastfeeding in Highwoods Colchester

It’s the eve of World Breastfeeding Week, what better time to tell you about my first group breastfeeding session!

Four beautiful women, their children and I met in a quiet area of Highwoods (Colchester) Country Park for a group breastfeeding photo shoot. I’d had it in my mind for a while that I wanted to create images with a bit of a boho look so I asked all the ladies to dress in long skirts and to wear their hair down. I brought along my gorgeous rocking chair and a range of headbands. This is a spot I love, I shoot here often and adore evening sessions here. There was a calm atmosphere, it was quiet, the air was cool and the light was stunning. Each breastfeeding pair sat in my chair for individual portraits, we then created the group shot together.





Finally I felt strong which is a word I would never have used to describe myself 11 months ago x Thank you Sarah for how your project has made me feel x















The light you capture in your images is incredible and your choice of location is truly from the heart. Thank you for doing this project; I hope women feel motivated by what you have captured already to share their breastfeeding journeys too.




The amazing thing about this project is how it’s so much more than the images I’m creating. Overhearing these women chat about their experiences and how they were feeling was just lovely. We were all there for the love of it. I’m continuing with my Breastfeeding Project throughout 2016 to photograph women breastfeeding their children in a variety of locations, all backgrounds and ages. I’m currently working from a waiting list for group sessions.

Now and again I will work with a breastfeeding mother for a one to one session. This will be for something I’d like to capture – So far this has been a tandem feeder and a mother of twin girls. I’m currently looking to work with ladies who are exclusively pumping, using a SNS and/or using donor milk.¬†You can contact me at if you’d like to take part.

Let’s create beautiful images together but more importantly let’s celebrate how amazing our bodies are!

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