Breastfeeding in the park {Chelmer Park, Chelmsford}

Following my group breastfeeding session in Highwoods I wanted to do another one! This time in a park setting with normal everyday clothes. So I invited 5 breastfeeding mums to join me in Chelmer Park, Chelmsford.

Initially my intention was to capture these women on park benches and I asked them to bring along their changing bags to create images that more women could relate to. The day itself happened to be extremely hot! The area I was planning to use was so bright, so we took shelter in the shade.

We sat together welcoming each woman as she arrived, introducing ourselves and settling down on the grass with blankets and water bottles! It’s so important to keep well hydrated, especially when it’s hot and you’re breastfeeding.

I invited my first model to join me a short distance from the group, so I could concentrate on her and we could talk about her experience. You may recognise her daughter as we had previously met for a birthday session in the bluebells! Before our session she mentioned that she loves to feed laying down so she brought along a blanket. I love this position personally for feeding, it also gives a beautifully relaxed look to the photographs.




Victoria is not only a beautiful and wonderful first time mum, she is also extremely dedicated. Her daughter has a number of food allergies that require her own diet to be limited. I have the upmost respect for her.

Next was Liz, she is a breastfeeding peer supporter and has two children. It was great to talk to her about how she helps others, very inspiring. I loved how at ease she was and I was so happy to capture this stage of her life for her.




I loved having mine and my daughter photographed as it meant I could have a record of my breastfeeding time. I’ve been very lucky in the fact I’ve able to feed both of my children and feel really glad I’ve now got a record of this stage of motherhood so I can look back at it once it’s moved onto another phase where my babies no longer need feeding from me. Also it will be good to be able to show the photos to my daughters when they are older, breaking down stigmas and normalising breastfeeding.

One of the photos was of my daughter smiling up at me whilst feeding, I was really hoping for a photo like this as this is how I see her when I’m feeding and she often gives me a cheeky grin!

Jo was next with her gorgeous son. She’d commented on how much she loved my earlier over the shoulder shots with big wide eyes so I was eager to capture this for her.




Thank you so much Sarah for my treasured memories. Breastfeeding was very hard for me at the beginning and to still be doing now my boy is 10 months old makes having these photos even more special.

There was a lot of toe holding during this shoot, so adorable! I couldn’t resist this shot of his milk dribble…


Rose joined me in my quiet little spot beneath the trees next. I commented instantly on how much I loved her gorgeous blanket, all the colours of this and her outfit just looked amazing. It’s from Snuglebugs in Chelmsford if you’d like your own! Her eldest had been playing in the park with Daddy but returned just as we were getting started, she was very distracted! I was more than happy with what we captured in that short time though, it was all the time we needed.




Having waited patiently it was time for Tina and her son to have their breastfeeding portraits. It was lovely that these ladies spent their time chatting away to each other about their journeys whilst they waited.



Oh those stunning eyes! I adore this angle though it doesn’t always come easy. There they are happily looking into their Mums eyes (a beautiful shot) and I come along seeking their attention from above! Cue lots of unlatching! It is so worth it though, they just look so amazingly content and what a fantastic way to keep a toddler still (ish!) for shots of their adorable little faces.




Tina and Rose have been friends for many years. They asked for a shot of the two of them feeding together, my answer was obviously yes! To see two friends who clearly care a great deal about each other to be supporting one another through motherhood, beautiful.



So thank you to my Chelmer Park ladies. I had a great time with you all on that very hot morning. It felt like a morning chatting with friends I already knew. I’ll never tire of hearing about another woman’s story, each one is so unique yet shares so many similarities.




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