Child Lifestyle Portraits – Part 4

At the beginning of the year I decided to embark on a monthly “day in the life” project with my daughter. Though I’m a tad behind in editing these images and publishing blogs I’m happy to report that I’ve kept it going. In fact it’s quite nice being a bit behind as I get to see the little changes in her that I’d actually missed. Being with our children everyday it’s difficult sometimes to notice these little changes but this project is allowing me to be reminded of how she was and how she’s developed in an incredibly short time!

So April (Part 4) and we were in Cornwall. My most favourite place to go with my family, we are drawn back year after year and I think I fall in love with it a little more each time. We had a great time meeting a fellow photographer (she’s amazing!), beach time and quality family time but I’ll write about all that another day. I’m so glad I brought my camera along but it took all of me to just take it out at specific times to ensure I was fully present and joining in with the fun.

This was just one morning before we’d all got ready for the day ahead. A breakfast of scrambled egg and fruit (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, sprinkle on some sugar… yum!)







She was 21 months, very cheeky and just mostly a girl full of giggles! She loved running about our holiday house and dragging her daddy to the fridge for more blueberries!

Later that day we headed to the beach. I’d been dying to take my camera to the beach to capture my babies exploring, this was April’s first proper visit and she loved it! We really should go to our local ones more often.









Then we spotted a little park. She adores swings so we headed over. Seriously, swings on the beach! How cool is that?! Her face says it all really…





If you’d like to read more you can select the “day in the life project 2016” category and all my other posts will be there. I love following a child exploring their surroundings, they see the world very differently to us – with fresh, innocent new eyes. Everyday is an adventure!

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