Child Portraits at Home – Part 5

As usual I’m behind on blogging! I have so much to catch up on, some beautiful sessions, my Breastfeeding Project and lots of new things to talk about. First though I’d like to continue with my little “Day In The Life Project” featuring our not so little girl.

May 2016 – 22 months

May was a month of experimenting as I purchased my gorgeous new camera! Of course my first subject was April as she was here when it arrived. We played in the garden and indoors. She shocked me by deciding she wanted to try out the potty… I was going to wait until the Summer holidays but it seemed she had her own agenda and we decided to go with it, at home to begin with.

Thing is when this package arrived she wanted to feed and go to sleep so we did that first and I sat setting up the camera!



Of course then it was time to collect her brothers from school and preschool so we didn’t get a chance to play just us. It was a hot day and the first time we’d had the water table out this year – Most of it ended up on the floor and then April found something new to eat… MUD! Not just a tiny bit either, 2 full handfuls of it! I washed out her mouth and then she went back for more!




The following morning we were alone again so I followed her upstairs for a little while.


I love capturing child portraits at home. They don’t have to have a tidy background or a wall or be “perfect.” These candid moments are our lives, it’s where we live, it’s real. This image below has doorways, an unmade bed and a plug in the background but who cares?! Certainly not me. This is our landing where we play, we chase each other, where I sort washing, where I follow wet footprints from the bathroom, where I’ve stood at doorways watching my children sleep. There is perfection and meaning in the smallest of places in our homes. We also don’t always have to capture smiles, this is her resting face, the face I love.




This year I’m trying to make an effort to get in the frame too. I’m not sure April agreed with my DSLR selfie, it was pretty awkward! But I do love to try out new things!




Next up is June and I got her in front of my favourite window in our house!

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