Creative types need your likes!

Us creative types we’re a funny bunch. We can get the loveliest of compliments one minute then we’ll be doubting ourselves the next. For many of us it’s a daily struggle to just believe you are on the right path, a path towards the life you desire. Not just for you but for your family as well. It’s also amazing how something you’d imagine is really small can affect an entire day. Let me explain a little…

I post a photo or video on my page. (I’ve probably changed it a fair few times before deciding to share it and asked my husband if it’s good enough. Questioned myself again and again. Is it the right one to share?)

  • You like it. (Oh wow somebody just liked my photo!)
  • A few more people like it. (Oooo more people have liked my image, ah I must’ve done well with that one. I’m glad I chose that one to share)
  • More people like it. (Perhaps I’m not so bad?! I really should believe in myself more. Wow all these people like my photograph!)
  • A lovely comment. (Awww that’s so nice. What a lovely thing to say. That’s made my day. Yeah I’m doing something right)

So when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed and you see something you like just stop for a second and click like, maybe leave a short comment. You may not be in the market for buying that item right at that moment but every little like spurs us on. It let’s us know we’re doing something right. Let’s not forget that this creates a story on your friends feeds. They will see “*your name* commented on..” and they too may like it. They may wish to buy it. By doing these things you are helping small businesses to reach their potential clients and giving us a little boost at the same time.

This of course is not limited to photographers. Any self employed maker might feel this way. Cake makers, bespoke clothing makers, artists, Web designers, writers, makers of accessories and a whole lot more. We all seek your approval. Being a creative type there is no right or wrong so the only way to know if you’re doing well is public opinion of your item or service.

We also don’t have bosses! No yearly reviews or promotions if you’re doing well. We simply don’t know how we’re doing unless you tell us. This is why reviews are so important to us. They’re great for potential clients to read through but also they let us know we did a good job and made you happy. I’ll admit that I’ve been brought to tears from some of the reviews I’ve been given, happy tears of course!


So if you’ve used a small business please consider leaving them a review (including me!) and like any posts you like. You might just make their day! You can do this on their Facebook page.

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