You may have noticed me mention EMBRACE sessions over the last few months. So what is this I hear you ask?!

Motherhood is something I adore. Every part of it. I often focus my sessions on young children but during my breastfeeding project last year I had the chance to really connect with some amazing women, to make them the focus of my lens. I think sometimes we forget that WE MATTER, especially when our children are young. We put them first all the time – we plan activities for them, watch the same films on repeat, hell they even have the best clothes! I think it’s time you did something just for you – LET’S EMBRACE OUR BODIES, LET’S EMBRACE CHANGE, LET’S PRACTICE SOME SELF LOVE! ♥

So sessions just for YOU. With other mother’s to spur you on too, in a beautiful private location. This will be a whole experience ending with beautiful portraits. You will feel beautiful, pampered and empowered.

Next sessions are taking place in the Oilseed rape fields in spring 2018 – £99 including drinks, snacks, 1 digital image and a matching print. Please see my product guide to purchase additional images.

Blog from our first session in the oilseed rape coming soon.

It meant the world to me to be standing there in that beautiful place side by side with these incredible women! I loved seeing how easily we can all lift one another up and help each other love ourselves a little more. Incredible experience

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