Family fun at the beach

I met this family last year for some autumnal fun in Chelmsford. Oh how I love this location, it brings back many childhood memories for me! She is a little sweetheart and even had some photographs including her little boyfriend, seriously cute!

This year it was time to venture to the beach. You know how I love the beach! Having a family photo shoot at the beach gives you so many opportunities for capturing your children simply having fun and being themselves, they just love it here! There were so many giggles, just look at her amazing smile…


I love how each location I work at gives me so many gorgeous natural backdrops, Mother nature is beautiful! I adore watching your children grow each year, seeing their little personalities develop and their connection to you.

What’s your favourite location? Will you be joining me at the beach in 2018?! Kick off your shoes and let’s have an adventure together.

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