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It’s so important to find the best family photographer for you. We all have our personal reasons for wanting to book a family photo shoot – this could be a special time in your lives, maybe you’ve just grown your family by one! Perhaps you love a particular season or it’s just been far too long since you updated your family portraits. Whatever your reason it’s sometimes easy to become overwhelmed by all the options suddenly displayed before your eyes in your search results! So let me guide you and give you some handy tips for when you’re browsing all those beautiful websites.

First things first, do you LOVE the photographers images?

You are about to invest in a service to immortalise your family as they are right now in this moment, you need to love these images. Are you thinking WOW I’d love an image like that on my wall, I have to have XXX! If you are just thinking well they’re ok will you be satisfied with the images you purchase?


So you now have a list of maybe 3/4 local photographers that you really love. Do their images and style of session suit your family? Can you imagine how the session will pan out? If you have a mix of studio and location photographers on your list do you think your children would be happier or more content in which environment? Really imagine yourselves there, the experience of your session is so important.


“Sarah’s outdoor sessions are always so relaxed and natural which shows in the photos. Actually, it doesn’t feel like a photo shooting session at all, it’s more like having your own personal photographer with you whilst having fun.” – Tina


Now maybe you’re down to 2 photographers, both offering sessions in a similar environment. Now it’s time to see which experience is right for you. Check out their reviews, see what other families are saying about them. Get an idea of the experience they had – Were they looked after? Are they blown away with their images? Do you want to experience what they did?!



Now obviously this is my blog and of course I’d love for you to book in with me. BUT maybe I’m not the right photographer for you and you know what? That’s completely ok! We have to make sure that when we are looking to make an investment in something that we take on all the information we possibly can. We have to make sure it’s right for us. If it is me then great, I can’t wait to speak with you and get planning our session together!


I’d love a session with you! Take me to your Product Guide!


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