Getting the balance right – when you’re a self employed Mum of three.


So I got it a bit wrong…


During the summer I smugly thought to myself “Yeah I’ve got this work life balance cracked.” How wrong I was. Sometimes it takes stopping and reflection to make you realise that actually you were wrong. But this is OK! It’s a tough one to get right. What I’ve learnt is to move forward, to learn from past experiences and make our future better… Huge learning journey is this Motherhood thing!

Autumn for an outdoor family photographer is busy. Beautiful surroundings with all the amazing autumnal colours, warm enough for no coats and perfect timing for creating gorgeous images for Christmas presents! What you regard as busy is of course all relative depending on whether you work full or part time, nonetheless it’s a crazy time!

I arranged my diary to allow for time with my family between sessions but things don’t always go to plan. With a higher volume of bookings than any other year there was even more chance of having to reschedule due to weather or illnesses, something I didn’t account for enough. So instead of having set working days and set being Mummy days I was jumping between the two every weekend for around 2 or 3 months. It became normality. I love meeting new families and shooting, I even love editing! But one thing I now realise is that I wasn’t truly present at home. I need to change this – my reasoning for working for myself was so I can be with them! I often worry about being enough, I think we all do.

This last weekend was amazing. Lazy mornings, catching up with housework (our house was a mess!), making bird feeders with my kids, a trip to visit Santa, a yummy roast and a walk around the block to see the Christmas lights! It sounds a lot written down but the brilliant thing was that everything was relaxed and at our own pace, no having to fit things in or schedules to keep to.

It sounds like I want out… I absolutely don’t! I just need to create more structure to my working life. I need to allow for days off and take care of myself a little more. We always forget the self care right?!

I’m pretty sure I’ll get things wrong many more times along the way but I’m determined to keep working at it. Next September our little girl starts preschool (where did that time go?!) so I think things will start to get easier to organise. I’m looking forward to editing during daylight hours!

Time for my Christmas break. Time to reflect and recharge. Little changes in our lives can make a huge difference. Take care of yourselves and I’ll try to do the same!


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