Lazy Sundays – {Everyday lifestyle photography}

What a perfect Sunday. Lazy cuddles, films, a roast dinner – absolutely no work or homework for us today! I reminded myself that I really want to start capturing more of the mundane, more of the mess and our real lives. It’s such an important thing for our children to look back on. So here’s a tiny little snippet of our lazy Sunday afternoon.


I got to have a little chill out with our eldest. It probably only lasted about 5 minutes whilst his younger siblings followed Daddy sorting the bins! When you have three children you just grab every possible moment of one to one interaction. It’s so so easy to have that with our youngest, after all her brothers are at school now. Catching these moments with him is so precious to me. He’s so calm and just moves less! He can snuggle right in for a cuddle watching a film without moving every 5 seconds or climbing around on my lap. His age and sudden maturity is something I often forget in a house of crazy!



Time for a snack! Of course somebody always wants more. He pleaded that he was asking nicely…





Some get messier than others!

My Sundays (and Saturdays!) are set to be somewhat busier than this over the next two months. I’m rested and excited to meet all my Autumn families.

What’s your ideal Sunday?


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