Life of an outdoor photographer in Colchester

Some of my clients I’ve known for years. They return again and again because they love their images and the experience they have with me. As you’d expect they tend to be lovers of the great outdoors and their children love to explore. However there are some questions that I’m asked regularly, even by my existing clients when they first found me! So let’s talk about these and ease any concerns you may have. I’m here to guide you through your experience.

What if it rains?

I’m starting with this because hands down it’s the most regularly asked question I receive. Ultimately it depends. If our session was planned as a summery one of your young child sitting on the grass or wearing dainty dresses then we’ll most likely rearrange because this isn’t the look we were planning. There are ways around it though, like sitting them on a chair to take them away from the wet ground. Moments between rain showers often look so beautiful, leaves look so vibrant when wet! However if you have a session booked with children who can walk and we were going to have a playful session running around and exploring then we can usually find gaps in the rain and the wet ground isn’t a problem – jumping in puddles is lots of fun! That said, if it’s absolutely pouring with rain then of course we’ll rearrange, your holding deposit will simply transfer to the new date. A date that we decide on together.

I keep an eye on the weather forecast all the time. Of course it’s not always right but it gives me a good guide. I will keep in touch with you in the days and hours coming up to our session to decide on the best course of action. The best thing is to book with an open mind and know that together we will decide on the best way forward. It may be just that we move your session by a couple of hours, the next day or the following week.

I’m worried my child will get too cold so I’m not sure about an outdoor session in autumn or winter.

Layers! Lots of gorgeous layers. If you’re a family that loves to be outdoors then chances are you still go to the park during the colder months, you simply dress accordingly. For an autumnal or winter photo shoot it’s exactly the same. Hats and scarves look great, consider them as part of your outfits. You may wish to buy something specific for your session to tie in with the look you’d like. I’m always here to help you with this. Also consider coats part of the look, a fitted jacket on parents can look lovely but a big puffy coat on your child may not work so well.

So get layering! Pick an outfit you love, it could be a dress, a shirt or simply a favourite top. Add long socks, tights, long sleeved tops or thermal vests. You can add a second pair of socks, I often do inside my welly boots! We can include cosy blankets, lots of cuddles and take coats off for short periods. Remember that your child is unlikely to be sitting or standing still for very long so they will warm up from running around too! You could even bring a flask of tea or hot chocolate.

Outdoor sessions are beautiful all year through, each season brings with it something new.


Autumn family photo shoot

I’m not sure on where to have my session. Then what if I can’t find it? Where will I park?

I’ve grouped these location questions together because they all basically have the same answer. In short, I will help you! I have a few locations that I love. They are so varied and I have taken the time to find the best spots to achieve beautiful images for you. I will always give you full directions and include parking details. I regularly use an area in Highwoods which I love for all it has to offer. It changes with the seasons from long grass to buttercups and bluebells. The car park is also free.

Of course I am open to other locations if you have a special place in mind.

Will there be toilets?

Possibly the least glam of questions but it’s very important! For me too! Sometimes no there are no toilet facilities, I will tell you in your booking email. My Highwoods location doesn’t have one but Tesco is just 2 minutes drive away. Bring a potty for little ones who may not be able to wait.

What if my child gets their outfit dirty?

I always advise my clients to bring spare clothes. I plan my sessions to start with the cleanest portraits and ending with messier things. So for a beach session we’d start near the beach huts then make our way towards the sea or for sessions in Highwoods I’d begin with chair props and then encourage exploring.

However even with the greatest of plans kids get dirty. They may jump out of the car excited to be somewhere new and end up straight in a muddy puddle!

child photo shoot colchester

If you have any worries at all please do not hesitate to ask. My goal is for you to feel prepared and ready to enjoy your session.

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