Life with endometriosis


I don’t often talk about this and it’s likely you didn’t know I have it. Possibly you’ve never heard of it! Yet so many women have it to varying degrees, many women don’t know they have it.  I’m generally a positive person, I love to build up others and show people what they can achieve. Yet some days I’m wiped out! I’m proud of the life I’ve built and I know that many women suffer far more than me with this. Yet I feel I’d like to share with you what this means to my life, maybe to raise some awareness but also because I like to be open.

I’m lucky that my fertility has not been affected by endometriosis, something I was warned about about a year before we got married. For me I experience monthly pain and general lack of energy at times.

So today I’m a few days into my period. Yep I said period, a subject we often don’t talk openly about! I have shooting pains, bloating, a dull headache and I’m wiped out. I think I’ve learnt to deal with the pains over the years, I have a fairly high pain threshold. The headaches and tiredness affect me most, especially when the kids all decide not to listen to a word I’m saying! The bloating part is obviously the main thing people would see and honestly I feel embarrassed sometimes. Here I am encouraging women to embrace their bodies and I’m sat here worried I look 6 months pregnant with a bloated belly! I’m trying though I really am. Embracing who we are doesn’t happen over night, it’s an ongoing journey of acceptance and self love.

I’ve noticed that the longer it’s been since being pregnant (something my consultant told me would help my symptoms – through not bleeding monthly obviously but also for months afterwards) the more painful it becomes. My energy levels hit rock bottom for about 2 days and I have to take a breather. Headaches mean I need to stay off the computer, I simply can’t concentrate properly on things like editing. I can reply to messages, but I may be slower than I usually would be.

But here I am with an amazing business that is growing at an incredible rate. I make sure I don’t take on more than I can cope with, I allow for breaks after busy times. I go to bed early when my body tells me to and I’m learning to relax more through yoga.

I feel very vulnerable sharing this with you but it’s part of me and I don’t want to hide it anymore. I’m determined to be strong, to achieve my dreams and to continue to build up all the Mother’s I work with.  I know we each have our own struggles to deal with, with our children and personal ones. All we can do is be honest with ourselves, know what we are capable of and be mindful of the struggles our fellow mama’s may be going through.


I always blog from my heart, I write about things that are current in my life right now – today I’m exhausted, bloated and just want to sleep! I’m dying to load all my images from Cornwall onto my computer and to show you some of our adventures. I have so many plans for the years ahead but today rest is needed. Body I’m listening to you!

Tomorrow is another day….

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