Making time to capture the everyday moments

Yesterday I grabbed my camera for ten minutes to capture April at home. It’s surprising how rarely I do this! As we near the end of our time in this house I’m suddenly hit but emotion, for this house was the place we brought our little girl home to at just 6 hours old. Of course there are also memories I’m happy to leave behind and start a fresh but this will forever be her first home. The place that our boys met their baby sister for the very first time. She’ll leave this house as a little girl, with a strong mind and the biggest heart. It’s also reminded me how much I love documentary style photography, just telling the story of our life as it is.

I used to grab my camera whenever I fancied. As a baby I just captured her all the time. Now our days are busier and I feel it’s important to ask her if it’s ok for me to follow her around with my camera in hand. There may have possibly been a biscuit bribe involved here!

I try to keep our stairs clear yet everyday it fills up with a ton of things to go upstairs! I could’ve tidied up but this was all about the real and very much in the moment.

We headed downstairs. She obviously wanted to show off the Harry Potter mini figure she’d stolen from her brothers bedroom!

Age three summed up?!


Spending all my days with this little girl can be tough sometimes, she can be fierce, she has the strongest mind and definitely knows what she wants! But would I change it? Hell no! The decision to experience this year home-preschooling is certainly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We enjoy hot lunches together, explore the woods, go for long walks with her riding her bike and generally just hang out together.

Take some time to take photos of all the things that seem mundane, I can assure you that these will be the images that you and your children will spend hours talking about as they grow up. Pointing out things in the background, asking about that home, talking about the days you enjoyed at home together. The little things certainly become the big things once you wave goodbye to childhood.

I may introduce some home documentary style sessions towards the middle of next year, nothing set up, just you and your family at home doing your thing. I’d love to do the whole thing in black and white like these! Watch this space.

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