Mothers, I see you!

Have you seen the way your little one looks at you? I have. Have you noticed how they are so happy to have you near, at ease to truly be themselves? I have. I watch you beautiful Mama, I see you. You are barely there in your family photographs, hell you’re usually the one behind the camera. You love portraits of your children – from those delicately posed newborn images, sitting sweetly as they leave the tiny baby stage, onto birthday milestones and running free. But where are you Mama? I know you yearn for at least one image of you with your babies. An image showing your connection, capturing this overwhelming love you knew nothing of before you entered motherhood.

I will bring this to life for you. I will watch you with your children. I will see your connection and find the right angle to capture everything that you are. We are not “perfect” models but who wants to be anyway. We are mothers with imperfections and insecurities. I am right there with you, I know how it feels to have parts of my body that are forever changed. That my face is ageing, my hair is greying faster than I’d like it to. Embrace the amazing woman that you are, your children love you for every little flaw that keeps you at the mirror far too long.


I won’t “photoshop out” your laughter lines, they remind us of all the happiness we’ve experienced. Moles and freckles are part of you too. If a giant spot has erupted from lack of sleep then yes of course let’s magic that away!

I meet so so many mothers who are nervous to get in the frame at first. My words of wisdom to you? Be the amazing mother that you are, it’s that simple. Cuddle and tickle your children, read stories and play. I’ll take you to beautiful locations and advise you of the best time of day, but the magic? That’s all you!



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