So much love for The Kindness Elves – A new Christmas family tradition


Would you like to start a new Christmas tradition with your family?

It’s always lovely to recreate the traditions you had as a child for your own children but new ones are just as important. Last year I wanted to introduce something new for our family in the lead up to Christmas, something to get us in the Christmas spirit. I’ve seen many a Facebook post of that naughty elf on the shelf and as much as I saw many parents having fun with this mischievous and slightly creepy looking toy I really didn’t feel it was for us. It wasn’t just the idea behind it that didn’t feel right, it was also the effort of thinking of new things to do with it each night! Honestly I’ve seen many parents getting fed up of it come mid December and I’m all about an easy life!


When I discovered The Kindness Elves I was so excited! I loved everything about them; the way they looked, the message of kindness and that I could have some help each day with ideas from the accessory pack we purchased with the Elves. The pack contains little cards, a book to store memories together, stickers and GLITTER! I’m not quite sure where I first saw them but I certainly hadn’t seen them in real life before. I knew I’d like them, I didn’t realise how much we’d all come to love them!

We introduced our two Elves on the 1st December 2016. We placed their house next to our lovely new wooden advent calendar and it was already starting to look all festive in our home despite the lack of any other decorations. We set them up with a little introduction card and our two boys were so excited to see them! They were 5 and 6 at the time. Once we’d read the card and explained all about them we asked them if they could think of some acts of kindness they could do in the run up to Christmas. This was such an important moment in our family because sharing kindness and looking out for others has always been something we like to teach at home. I always remind them at the start of the new school year to look out for children who might need a friend or help someone if they need it. I’m so pleased to say that the ideas just poured out of them, it was a very proud moment for this Mummy and Daddy team!

It really amazed me how much my boys and I got into these little Elves. Like all new things sometimes we have a tendency to loose interest or realise something isn’t for us and move on. Yet these two little Elves and all that they stood for seemed to make their way into our hearts and they still talk about them nearly a year later. The mention of them returning soon has excited them immensely!
Not only did they get really into reading all the cards and creating their own ideas, they also loved treating the Elves! They created tiny little drawings for their house, added a Lego santa, posted coins into the letterbox and gave them a tour of house. They even made tiny Elf sized cookies when we made them for santa on Christmas eve! They were well and truly part of the family last December and we can’t wait to welcome them back this year. I have some of my own ideas but I’m so pleased I also purchased the accessory pack so some evenings we can just grab a new card out of the box!

I’m so looking forward to bringing them out to at again this year. They’ve actually been stored in the kitchen as we didn’t put them away with the other decorations. We kept them out for a little longer as we loved them so much and wanted them to join us fo Christmas and into the New Year! And in all honesty they were just too nice to shut away in a box in the garage!

I think my only regret for this year is not bringing them out to visit a few times or perhaps getting them to send postcards. There’s always next year for that though.

So if you’re looking for a new Christmas tradition that encourages kindness and empathy look no further. I couldn’t recommend these gorgeous little elves any more, they were just what we were looking for. I’m keen to get April more involved this year too!

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