More than a Mum, Wife and Photographer

Late night contemplation, it keeps me awake so often! I’m the definition of a night owl, all my best ideas and thoughts come way past 11pm. Obviously the house is much quieter at this time but it’s always been the same way for me, even before tiny people started making lots of noise!

I’m thinking about who I am. Clearly I’m a Mum, wife and photographer but I’m so much more than those things too. These things shape me but yeah I’m more than a family member and job title. I fear I’ve lost me a little along the way. I’m certain I’m not the only one who feels this way, in fact I know it.

So who am I? What do I love? I really love good food, I love to eat out. Steaks and seafood are always my choices. If you ever get the chance to visit Jamie’s fifteen down in Watergate Bay I highly recommend you go! The food, the views. Ah, amazing! I’m also the kind of girl who will try anything once which probably doesn’t help my annoyance when our eldest is being fussy and will only eat plain pasta with cheese and salad cream… But it can’t be touching and the cheese can’t melt into the pasta! Haha. I must remember I was once the same! I think my adventurous food side started when we started travelling abroad on holiday around the age of 10. I remember trying calimari for the first time in Greece. Then later on a med cruise (hmm around 15) I tried steak cooked medium for the first time and Guinea fowl. I now love it rare incase you wondered!

Food has always been a big part of my life. Not in an unhealthy sense, more as a social coming together thing. Growing up we always sat together at the table and we continue to do that most of the time now. It’s just a great opportunity to talk and enjoy good homecooked food. Getting together with our parents and siblings around the table to eat is one of my absolute favourite things. I also love preparing yummy buffets for family gatherings and birthdays. Can’t bake a cake to save my life but savoury dishes are my thing! And gravy and sauces… Now I’m getting hungry!

Our little girl turns 3 next week so I’m planning the food for her birthday and you may have seen my Rocky Road post. I have a daughter who doesn’t like cake! Haven’t 100% decided what to put in the final one yet though I’m considering some popping candy. Would love to hear your ideas!

Obviously I love more things besides food but I’ll talk about those another time. Now to find some space to sleep…

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