Mamas, when was the last time you got in the frame with your children? Whether those children are babies, toddlers, school aged, teens or adults – beautiful photos together are so important. And I don’t mean a well angled selfie! We are so often the forgotten family member when it comes to photographs. Look around your house, I bet there’s loads of your children proudly displayed on your walls, but where are you Mama?

Time to change that! And I’m here every step of the way. I know you feel awkward, I know you worry about what to wear. You’ve probably put off having a photo shoot because your body isn’t “perfect” and you’d rather wait. Honestly, perfect is overrated! Your love for your children is all we need. I help you with outfits, suggest ways to help you relax. You do you and I’ll show you just how beautiful you are!

I have GROUP Mummy & Me Sessions planned for 15th and 21st March in Highwoods, Colchester. Get in touch if you’d prefer to arrange a session just for you. Or if you have a group of Mum friends and would like to arrange your own exclusive group session at a particular location – Let’s do it!

GIFT VOUCHERS also available to purchase – The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!