Mums it’s time to get in your family photographs!

Mum’s it’s time to get in the frame with your children! Family photography doesn’t just mean your children, it includes you, you are so important. Our bodies have changed, our faces bare the dark circles of sleepless nights and wrinkles are starting to leave their mark. Grey hairs are appearing and our wardrobes are often much less exciting than the arrays of clothing our children own! But we shouldn’t be afraid of this and we mustn’t feel that we have to wait for a better day. For the perfect time is RIGHT NOW!

We should absolutely be present in photographs and we should feel proud to display them on our walls. We should show our children that we are important and that we respect ourselves. That we are proud of who we are at this moment in time. You could sit cuddled up to your child or treat yourself to a portrait session just for you! Throw on some concealer and grab an outfit that you love, feel special for a change… Because you are!

Let’s not forget that we are also doing it for our children, for when they’re grown up. They will cherish these images for years to come. They will love seeing if they look like you now that they’re all grown up, they will show their children too!


I asked some of my clients if they had a favourite image of their Mums when they were children. They had so many different reasons and I love them all!

I love how in this picture I’m looking at my Mum for reassurance as I’m trying to hold my younger sister.


I love this picture because it makes me realise how much Ruby looks like me!


Love this one of me and my mum. She doesn’t seem to have aged very much, hoping I’ve got her genes!!


We don’t have many photos of mum in the frame from my childhood, but this has to be my favourite. Yes it’s meant to be ‘professional’ and yes we all have staged awkward poses BUT just look at her children’s faces. I think the faces of myself and my brothers show how much in that moment (and still now) our mother is loved and treasured.


This last one is me and my Mum! I love so many things about this photograph. Seeing how she looked when she was a similar age to me, seeing her holding me, the clothes we wore, even the car they drove! It’s this amazing glimpse into a part of my life that I have no memory of at all yet for her it must’ve been the most intense time of her life – a new Mum, wondering if she was doing a good job, washing nappies and just me for company during the day. It’s so easy to forget that that time we are experiencing now was once the life our own Mums lived.


Now think about your favourite family photographs with your Mum, they could just be family snaps at home. Now think about how often you’re in the frame, is it enough? Here’s some tips for making a change this year…

  • Remind your partner or other family members to take photos when you’re on a day out. Doesn’t have to be anything posed, just you interacting with your children. To start with you may have to remind them but hopefully it should start to become a habit.
  • Make a pact with your Mummy friends to take photos of each other on play dates, then send them to her when you get home. Or save them for Mother’s day/birthday and gift her a set of prints!
  • Get your children taking the photos, their point of view is so cute!
  • Book a photo shoot with your favourite local photographer and make sure you plan to be part of it!
  • Book a session just for you and your children or drop some hints that it’d be the perfect Mother’s Day gift – Show me your Mother’s Day sessions
  • Consider a portrait session just for you – This year I’m introducing Embrace sessions just for Mums. You’ll join me and a few other Mums for a session on a private farm. Fun, some pampering and some soul healing amongst the oilseed rape and then the wheat fields later in the year. Please contact me if you’d like to be added to my waiting list.

There’s one Mother and Child relationship that we really don’t see that much, particularly in professional photographs. Weddings are probably the only exception I can think of! That is YOU and YOUR MUM! I’ve recently purchased a small vintage sofa that I think would be perfect for a session with you and your Mum, I also have an idea to get those emotions flowing and childhood memories pouring out of the two of you. If you’re interested then drop me a message – PERFECT Mother’s Day gift for your own Mum this year and I’m certain she would proudly display those images on her wall.

When was the last time you had a photograph with your Mum?


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