A Narnia inspired photo shoot in the rain!

Do you date your children? By this I mean complete one to one time, no distractions.  We have 3 children and though I love the size of our family and days out together it is possible to be distracted by the mundane things. Making sure you have everything you need, toilet stops, nappy changes, snacks for all. It can be easy to mostly focus on the youngest child, since their needs are usually more immediate.

So every now and then my husband and I will take one of our sons out, just them. They love it, we love it. The first time I took our eldest out was like this huge wake up call, he’s growing up! We didn’t need a bag of stuff, a highchair in the cafe or any other baby stuff. Just us. He wanted to visit the zoo and watch a bird show. We had lunch and chatted away, it was 3 hours of realising I had this older child. This clever, thoughtful, amazing child. I felt like I’d woken up from a baby haze and I have to admit I felt a little guilty we’d not done this before.

Recently (to my delight!) he asked for a Narnia photo shoot. He’d found a fake fur coat in a prop box and wanted to go to the woods with me. Obviously I said yes! The morning came and it was raining but it didn’t stop us. This is what we got up to…

child photography colchester

child photo shoot colchester

child photographer essex







As you can see he had a great time and so did I! It really opened my eyes to how much variety can be achieved in such a short time and that rain isn’t the end of the world. I also really love this age group. He took direction really well and had his own ideas too. We had great fun searching for Aslan the lion and waiting for the witch to arrive with sweets! He then wanted to be Aslan….


He hasn’t seen this one yet but I have a feeling it will be his favourite! We headed back to the car as the rain started to get heavier and we were feeling a tad chilly. He wanted to leave the coat on so we went back squelching through the mud.


Somehow my not quite so little boy is almost 6 and I can’t wait for more sessions with him. I wonder what his next request will be?!

If you have an older child why not ask them for their input? See what they’d like to do. It could even be used as a little bit of bribery to have their family/sibling shots first!



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