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There are so many hugely talented newborn photographers in Colchester and beyond. I admire a variety of artists from all over the world. Posed studio sessions with an array of props, wraps and stunning lighting grace our screens all the time. Images are used in advertising, baby memes and of course I’m sure somebody you know has had a studio session with their baby. I have the upmost respect for the training and patience these truly talented photographers have.

When I first started my journey into family photography I thought this was a path I had to follow. But being an artist means following what you love and creating art that makes your heart sing. Simply this was not the path for me and somehow it just doesn’t seem to fit alongside my outdoor work.

newborn photographer colchester

So Newborn at Home sessions were born! You and your baby at home, your home. The place you spend so much of your time, the place you feel safe and most relaxed. Now with that I completely understand that you may also feel more vulnerable, this is the REAL you! This time it includes your home too and for some (read all!) families this can feel a bit daunting.

newborn photographer colchester

I’m going to run through some of the reasons I believe might be holding you back from booking a session like this for your own newborn. I asked some of my existing clients for their views too to help me put myself in your shoes.

Worrying your home is too small or too messy

Without doubt this comes up the most and I completely get it, I really do! Our homes are an extension of ourselves, we decorate them to our own tastes and pick colours that make us feel at home. Let’s face it though, when you have young children our homes can become a cluttered collection of toys and baby equipment! Trust me, I have three young children – they know how to empty multiple boxes when I literally just tidied up!

Or, if this is your first baby then you may be deep in your newborn baby bubble – the washing and chores can wait. Just so you know I’m right there with you here is an phone snap from a typical afternoon in my house – with just my toddler! Toys can easily be tidied up with a select few out and generally I’d clear my room of washing if I was planning a session. Though remember for close ups none of this will be seen at all.


This is real life! There’s no getting away from it, sometimes things get messy. This is all part of my job, I will happily advise you on how to prepare your home and/or help you when I arrive. The idea is to tidy but not to overdo it, we don’t want to loose the real. As for small spaces well that’s for me to worry about too! I will spot the best areas to shoot in, sometimes you may not have even considered it as a place of interest, trust me to find the perfect places. Your bed and sofa are fantastic places to create beautiful images, as well as bright windows, kitchens and your front door – It’s all about your life.


One of my clients mentioned that it was my reaction to any mess that might worry her – with three children 7 and under I’m sure you can imagine that I know exactly what it’s like. Besides I am not there to judge how another person lives, we are all so different and unique – that’s what makes life interesting! I am there to capture your real, not a fake version of you, not your neighbour or friend – YOU!

Nervous about how you look and feel after birth

This is a big one for most women. Right after birth we can feel really self conscious and vulnerable. Moments before you were proudly displaying your growing bump and now your body has changed. We can feel pressured into getting into shape or feel we are carrying too much weight elsewhere. Stop for a moment and think about what your amazing body has just done – it grew a tiny human! Again, I get it. Three times I’ve gone through the feeling of really missing my bump and feeling ashamed of my wobbly belly! (You can read more about this in my Mummy Tummy blog here).

We can absolutely concentrate on your baby – all those amazing details, that curled up little bundle. But it’s important that you are in the frame too and this can be as little or as much as you wish. You could be feeding your baby, holding them up on your shoulder for burping, their little hand holding your finger. It’s so lovely to capture your body against theirs, to demonstrate just how tiny they are! Thing is though these images we create together are not just for us as parents, ultimately they are for our children. Who do you think your child would like to see in your images when they’re all grown up showing their own children your portraits on the wall? YOU of course!

20 or so years from now imagine the conversations you will have about how your son/daughter looks so much like you, they’ll comment on your clothing and your hairstyle, your home. They will use these images as an amazing glimpse into your life as it is right now. What a legacy to leave them and generations to come.

Maybe for a special treat we could arrange for a make up artist to visit you before our session. I will help you with preparing your clothing too.

Knowing your photographer

During a chat with some of my clients it struck me that knowing your photographer first is really important, after all you are going to be inviting me into your home during a time when you may not be feeling your best. The lovely Kirstie had this to say after I’d shared a previous newborn blog –

I think for me it was great that I already knew you from previous mini sessions with my eldest. I knew you wouldn’t judge the state of me or my house and that we would be able to feed baby and drink tea during the newborn session. Looking at those images of my children on this link has literally just made me melt! None of us looked perfect but it didn’t matter, it’s a snapshot of our lives that I will cherish forever. I hate having my photo taken but I love that I have been in some of the photos at each of the sessions we have done with you as I’m never in any others as I’m always taking them. I really want the girls to have pictures with me in to look back on in the future, I know they won’t care about the bags under my eyes or the wrinkles. I would urge anyone considering a newborn shoot at home to go for it as it’s so relaxed xx


I can’t wait to capture these early precious days for you, all those little details that are sometimes forgotten. They are only tiny for such a short time. If you have any questions or would like to book your own Newborn at Home session please get in touch.

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