Outdoor Child Portraits – Bedtime Stories

I’ve had a concept stuck in my head for months now. It sat there waiting to be set free, an idea I was desperate to bring to life! Then a friend and existing client of mine posted a gorgeous rocking chair for sale and I thought it was about time I did it. So off I went to collect the chair and to decide what I wanted to do. I decided that a model call was the way to go, I wanted to show parents that an evening session would be so beautiful and worth it. The light is amazing now we’re heading into summer, it’s softer and warm. I posted on my Facebook page looking for a Mother with long red or brown hair with a child between 18months and 5 years to join me at 7pm at a location in Colchester. The response was amazing and it was difficult to pick but I was drawn to this little boys gorgeous hair and bright eyes!

So the day came and it took a little more organisation than usual. I had just 30minutes from my husband getting home to me having to leave! In this time we ate dinner together and I needed to rearrange the car.┬áNow I have just a little Ford Focus and this chair does not fit in the boot. Out came two car seats and down went the back seat. It’ll be worth it I thought to myself in a fluster! Oh it was, oh it most definitely was…



I asked them to bring along some favourite stories and so they sat reading Superworm together before moving onto Hairy Maclary… We love these in our house too! Spot my gorgeous rag rug from Ollie-Bobs on the rocking chair, it worked perfectly. I also brought along a grey throw to wrap them both in once the temperate began to drop. Together I think we created something very special, an everyday moment brought outdoors.



















It was great to let my creativity run free and I loved this so much. It’s up there amongst my top sessions! Thank you so much for joining me at 7pm on a weekday evening and for travelling from Chelmsford to see me. The great thing about these sessions is that your child is already ready for bed and we can always hope for a successful car to bed transfer when you get home! Or not! Worth it though.

So parents, consider breaking your usual routine to join me one evening, you won’t regret it! Bedtime stories, outdoors in this beautiful setting in Colchester. Natural portraits of you and your child or children simply being together and enjoying one of your favourite books.

This would be the perfect session to celebrate Mother’s day. During the spring late afternoon is a beautiful time of day. Treat your partner, or yourself to a session with your little one/s doing something that you are so used to doing together.

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