The perfect family photo shoot for you

My dates for shorter seasonal sessions are coming very soon – many next weekend! I have the most amazing list of families to email for my pre release, public release will then follow two weeks later. I thought I’d have a quick chat with you all to help you decide which season and/or location is right for you and your family.

Firstly it’s important to think about how you’d like to display your images in your home, then the rest will easily slot into place. Now this is very personal to you and so it should be! Consider the style of your home and the colours that you love. Think about the spaces you have on your walls and whether you have anywhere you’d like to display smaller items – desktops or shelves for example. Maybe you’d like to rejig or update any images you already have on display in preparation. If your style is warm cosy colours with lots of texture then a session in the autumn or at golden hour (the last hour of light in the day) will compliment your rooms perfectly.

Of course your style and favourite colours may change from room to room too. If you’re more of a minimalist with shades of white and grey you may prefer to adorn your walls in beautiful black and white imagery. Or perhaps you’d really love to add a gorgeous splash of colour with bluebells or oilseed rape fields, a real stunning piece of art that stands out. Your home is the place your images are going to be enjoyed the most so really think about what you’d like to have on display. Smaller products and prints are perfect for gifting to family members (Birthdays and Christmas sorted!), especially for grandparents! Or you might like something to carry around with you as well, something the perfect size for your handbag – to whip out and show off your gorgeous family!

summer outdoor photo shoot

The time of year also dictates your clothing choices to a certain extent. Pretty white dresses, bare feet and shorts would look amazing as black and white images in a stylish home. Chunky knitted hats and layers for autumnal or winter sessions would look great displayed in a Victorian property. Though you may be brave enough to wear a beautiful floaty dress on a gorgeous frosty morning or as the sun sets at the beach!

What if it rains? Will my child be too cold? 

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Autumn family photo shoot

Equally the products that you purchase will of course reflect your style and your home. A minimalist home would most likely suit black handcrafted wooden frames. Your images on gorgeous museum grade canvas wraps would also look amazing! A more traditional home would complement earthy colours with items like chunky wooden blocks with a brush stroke finish or brown wooden frames.

Once you’ve decided on which seasonal colours and products would suit your home you can then start to think about the ages of your children for these dates. This is particularly important for younger children as their early developmental stages will reflect what we are able to create together. For some of you this might seem obvious but it’s easily forgotten if you are booking many months ahead of time or like me suffer from ongoing baby brain even if you no longer have a baby aged child! Would you like your child to be standing? Walking? Maybe running through the golden fields of wheat? Sitting ever so sweetly on a beautiful pathway leading you through a bluebell wood? Crawling on the beach?

I love the beach – show me more!

Please remember that part of your experience with me is that I am here to help you. I’m here to guide you and I will be throughout the whole process from enquiry to the delivery of your products which will be loved for many years to come. There is no question too small, I’m here to help you.

I can’t wait to get this year started properly, to meet you all and more importantly have fun! If you’re on my mailing list please look out for an email towards the end of the month. I will announce on my page when I send them so if you do not receive yours perhaps have a little look in your junk folders as some can end up there. 2017 – Let’s get a date in the diary and capture you and your family as you really are, having fun together and definitely lots of hugs!

So what will be your choice?


Show me where I can look out for updates of dates being released for 2017

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