Preparing for Autumn!


The air is feeling that bit colder in the mornings now and the leaves are beginning to change, Autumn is definitely here! It is my favourite season, especially for sessions. Beautiful layered outfits give depth to your images, amazing colours surround us and plenty of extra cuddles to keep warm. Autumn is one of my busiest times of year which means lots of preparation from me and of course I want you to feel ready to really enjoy your session.


What you wear really does set the look and style of your images. It may well start to feel chillier now but that doesn’t mean you have to pile on bulky coats. Of course you can wear them whilst we walk to the location or between shots. The key is layers! Think about the clothing you’d like to have in your images then add things to keep warm like thermal vests, tights, long socks, an extra pair of socks (I always do in my welly boots!) or add a long sleeved top. If you’d like your children to wear hats or scarves think about whether they compliment your intended look, you may like to consider buying new ones for this purpose. It’s important not to make your children, or yourselves, look too bulky – we want to see the size of their little legs and arms!

The shops are full of Autumn collections at the moment. Mustard yellow, burnt orange, sage green, navy and of course some denim! Long socks look great with dresses or shorts too. Grab them some plain welly boots or boots that will look good with their outfit. Also think about where you will be displaying your images and whether the colours would go. For instance I have grey sofas and white walls but have some pops of yellow in our cushions so I often put my children in something yellow as it’ll add to the decor of our home.

One thing that can be difficult is dressing an entire family for a session but for that I am of course here to help you. I always encourage you to send me some images of your outfits as we near your session but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Decide on one/two main colour that you love.
  • Give each member of your family something different in that colour – ie a top, shoes, socks, a scarf, a cardigan, a hat. A different item for each family member and it doesn’t need to be the same shade.
  • Lay out the outfits on your bed or floor to see if they blend nicely together. If one particular item stands out too much consider changing it, unless of course you’d like the focus of your session to be on that family member. This could work well if you have one child.
  • Get everyone to try on their outfits, make sure it all fits and you’re comfortable. This is particularly important for children as there might be an uncomfy tag to sort out or trousers to adjust!
  • Ladies! Don’t forget yourselves! Get your hair or nails done, buy a new outfit and totally rock being the awesome Mummy that you are. Remember that to your family you are the most important person in the world.


Things to bring

Are you the Mum with the gigantic bag overflowing with all sorts of stuff? Great, bring it! Truth is when it comes to small children (or let’s face it, even older ones!) we can never be over prepared. So bring that special teddy, their favourite book, a toy that makes them giggle, their tatty old muslin. Of course some of these things could look extra adorable in your images, especially a classic looking bear. The rest is there to calm your child, to have familiar things around them to help them relax. Let’s not forget that this is not your usual day out, so let’s work together to encourage natural play and interactions. I will happily play with favourite toys and sit them on my lens. Though to be honest a long piece of grass or some leaves are often just as good! So, some ideas of what to pack in your bag –

  • Baby wipes – Even for the older kids, even for you!
  • Spare nappies for the little ones and any other changing bits and bobs.
  • Favourite toy
  • A well loved book
  • A change of socks/tights
  • A change of clothes for the way home – to be comfy in the car.
  • Tissues – Honestly where does all this snot come from?!
  • Snacks – For hungry tums and the perfect bribe!
  • A drink

On the day

I will send you details of where to meet me before our session day. I will also keep in contact with you re the weather. Please make sure that you leave enough time to arrive at our agreed location to begin your session on time, this is especially important if you are booked onto one of my seasonal session days. Depending on how far you are travelling you may like to change your children once you arrive so give yourself a little extra time to allow for this. It’s also a good idea to give your children a chance to wake up and have a little explore.

I am more than happy for you to take “behind the scenes” phone snaps of me interacting with your children.  Feel free to post these on social media, I love to see them! Tag me on instagram or check in on Facebook.

I can’t wait to start my Autumn season!


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