Running a business when you’re a Mum

So what’s it really like running your own business and being a Mum? Oh how I’d love to tell you it’s all sunshine and roses! It’s not always as easy as it seems. Truth is it’s bloody hard work!

If you’re a Mum (pretty likely if you follow my page!) then you know that it’s not always easy. You know some days you’re tearing your hair out watching the clock for bedtime, holding it together until the peace descends on the house and you get your well deserved glass of wine or perhaps your very first HOT cup of tea! Your days are like this crazy rollercoaster of emotions, loving them with your whole heart, sitting in wonder at how they just drew this amazing picture, wondering if you’ll ever get to eat an entire meal, you get the idea.

Well it’s pretty much the same running a business! There are moments when you truly wonder if you can keep going, there are times when you literally dance around the room with happiness. I can feel so overwhelmed sometimes with self doubt kicking in worried to send clients their images in case they’re not good enough. Then a fellow photographer will message me because they’d like their own family photographs with you (huge huge gigantic compliment, we’re a fussy bunch!) or a client tells me they’re in love with their images. Oh and when they pick my personal favourites, love that! You literally never know what’s coming.

Right now I’m still dealing with low iron levels so let’s just add that to the mix! Mostly I’m keeping it under control but a few busy days and I’m wiped out falling asleep with my daughter at bedtime, waking in the middle of the night wondering where the evening went. Typically it’s usually an evening when I’d written a huge to do list! Clients don’t tend to mind waiting a little longer for their images, hell they probably didn’t even know I was going to be sending them that evening. The problem is me. When you work for yourself you set yourself goals and targets. My main thing is that I like to keep on top of editing, on top of emails etc. Maybe I reply to quick, maybe I could slow down and relax my own deadlines. Truth is I can’t! Some may say it’s because I’m a virgo – a perfectionist all the way, everything has to be just so! It’s just the way I am but I do try to remind myself to slow down a little, surrounded by memes and notes!

Guilt seems to play a major role in all I do, finding the right balance is honestly a never ending battle. Sometimes I feel like I’m sailing through life, positive I’m doing a good job both as a Mother and as a business owner. The next minute I’ll slowly feel like my balance is tipping one way and the other role misses out. Of course this is completely OK, sometimes I need to leave work alone and focus on my family or on myself. As I continue to grow my business I am also learning where I want my balance to be and making sure I take time out is just as important as clients booking in for their sessions.

One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t swap this life for anything. I love how flexible I can be with my family. I love that my love of the great outdoors is what brings you to me. I’ve made friends, I’ve grown in confidence and learnt so so much along the way. It’s now been 5 years since I was gifted my first dslr and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring. I’m bursting with ideas and can’t wait to share them with you!

Sending emojis to Daddy whilst I tested out an old lens.

Many many emojis!

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