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8th October 2020

I have school aged children, I’m a photographer, it makes sense to me that I take their school photos. I also love to be shooting outdoors and encourage children to have fun – making my school photos look a little different to the norm that we are all used to. I say a little, perhaps a lot different! You see, just because a child is wearing their school uniform doesn’t mean that all the fun fades alway!

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It’s been about 5 years now since I started offering this service to my clients. Generally families that love to be outdoors and want something more special. Often their child is about to start school or due to leave. Now though it’s so much more than that. With the introduction of class bubbles many schools have made the decision to not offer sibling photos. To me that absolutely makes sense, not for separating siblings at school but for the logistics of running a school photo day. But all is not lost! Book yourself a School Portrait session with me for gorgeous photos with their siblings, or even with their best friend.

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As well as Sarah being totally down to earth, what I liked most was her natural ability to capture our 4 year olds personality. I would more than recommend anyone to book a shoot with Sarah. She is ever the professional and really cares about the customer experience.


School sessions with me last 15 minutes, that’s likely at least 10 minutes longer than your average school photo! You will be right there to adjust their clothing, brush their hair and wipe their faces. These gorgeous outdoor sessions take place in Highwoods Country Park. If you’d prefer a session on your doorstep or at another location please get in touch to discuss.

Likely your children will think you’re bonkers for getting them to wear their uniform at the weekend but there’s always the promise of some sweets or a favourite meal… Just saying! These sessions can also be scheduled for after school whilst we still have the light.

school photo colchester

So if you wants something more special, photographs that you’ll truly love and are dying to get your children in one photo then get in touch. A wonderful keepsake of their time at school no matter their age.

And don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be all picture perfect smiles. Natural school portraits are all about allowing those real personalities to shine through!

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