Preparing for your Spring Mini Session

After the success of my Autumn mini sessions back in November I decided that I would offer Spring Mini sessions. Once again covering Colchester and Chelmsford. The Colchester location is a new one and I can’t wait to use it. I’ve been using it for my own maternity project and it includes a lovely gate, woodland, pathways and open field. All natural backdrops for your family photographs!


The gate location I’ve been using for my own maternity project.


Autumn Mini Sessions in Chelmsford.

My April Colchester weekend sold out last month so I released another date for Colchester in May, it sold out in just 4 days! So with 18 families (so far, spaces available for Chelmsford) ready to meet me I feel I’d like to help you all prepare…



Red works well here to tie the family together for a group shot.

Clothing. The number one question is always what to wear. Remember these are natural lifestyle sessions. Dress as you normally would but just keep in mind a few little pointers:

Try to avoid logos and reflective lines on coats for example. These tend to take the focus off of you.

For siblings or families think about using a theme in your clothing. For example pick a favourite colour and each wear something in that colour. Different items for each person like a hat for one person, a scarf for another or a headband. This ties you together as a family without being too obvious.

Go for either pastels or bold colours depending on the look you would like to achieve. Pastels can invoke a loving feeling to your photographs whilst bold colours are more playful.

These sessions are in April/May so the weather should (hopefully!) be warm enough to avoid coats, at least for some shots. Chunky cardigans and body warmers are a nice alternative.



Shoes. The Colchester location is a country park, bare this in mind. There are pathways but it can get muddy. Wear what you feel comfortable wearing and remember that welly boots can look great in these type of sessions. Little girls in Tutus (I have a couple) and wellies springs to mind! You can always bring a change with you if you’re unsure.

Hair/make up. Don’t get into so much of a fluster preparing the kids that you forget yourself! Mums (and dads!) if you want to have your hair done of course go ahead but keep it natural. Perhaps just a roots touch up or to neaten up your fringe.



A lovely big floppy teddy came to play during this session.


Hidden in his tightly closed hand… a packet of love hearts!

Things to bring. Well this has endless possibilities but a few must haves are…

Bribes! Don’t underestimate the power of bribery. Ok not the greatest parental tip for daily life but for a 30 minute photo shoot we can turn a blind eye! Favourite snacks, treats, toys.

For younger children a favourite cuddly toy. Oversized bears to cuddle make for a very cute shot.

Don’t panic if your children aren’t in the best mood. Trust me as your photographer to bring out their smiles (lots of silly faces, raspberries and jumping around tend to do the trick!). Remember it only takes a split second to capture a smile.

Once again I will be bringing along some of my favourite props. The blue chair from my autumn sessions, a suitcase, bunting and this time my large wicker hamper and throws.





One of the natural “backdrops” for my Colchester Spring Mini sessions.

I’m so excited for these weekends, I’ve been looking forward to them since I planned them at the end of last year! I can’t wait to meet you all.

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