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School Photos – My way!

I have a slight regret that I wish to share with you… why didn’t I do this with my eldest son?! Truth is 2 years ago when Archie┬ástarted his journey at primary school I was on maternity leave. That doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up my camera but honestly I don’t think I’d truly found my path yet. So here it is, school photos my way. Outdoors (of course), a vintage chair (even this session couldn’t escape my love!) and a little boy who could just be himself on the green opposite our house.

I wanted to use the dark brown chair, he wanted the small rocking chair – we took both! It made him happy and that’s want I wanted, especially as he was wearing his school uniform on a Sunday! This was our very brief session to celebrate him starting school. We were out there for 10 or 15 minutes, it’s all we needed. It was early, around 9am and the sun was shining. A quiet, crisp morning. It was such a surreal day to see him in his uniform, yet it also felt like it was just the right time. He turns 5 this week, what an emotional week.







Today (Monday 5th September 2016) was his first day! Like many parents I was so worried about him. Would he be ok? Would he talk to anyone? Would he ask to go to the loo? Was he worried? I held back my tears until I’d left him and was out of the school gates, yay! In fact he was perfectly fine. He came out this afternoon with a beaming smile and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. He’s dying to stay for lunch!

All these firsts are so emotional, as I’m sure you’ll agree! I thought it would get easier with each child but actually it felt a bit harder. I hope all your children enjoyed their first days in their new classes, it’s the start of an amazing journey for them and us.

If your school or preschool would like to offer something like this to your parents please get in touch. Kids love being outdoors, they love to move and play!

Happy School Days!!


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