Tears and tantrums, all in a days work!

Are you putting off having a family photo shoot because you think your little one will play up? Because you worry your toddler with throw a tantrum? Or that your baby will cry? Don’t put off capturing your family, it’s all in a days work!

DSC_0407As a mum of two young boys (2 and 3.5years old) I know first hand the struggle of getting your children to do what you want them to do! The fact is nobody wants images of an upset child, all teary eyed and red faced. We want angelic, smiley pictures to remember their childhoods. To hang on the wall and share with our family and friends.

Having had a classic studio based family shoot ourselves I know this is just not me. This has no reflection on the skill of the photographer, it was all to do with the environment. Our eldest was about 2, we were in a strangers home encouraging him to stand on a white backdrop. He had other ideas! Simply this was not natural for him. Thinking back now I realise it must’ve been pretty scary for him really.

So this is why this isn’t me. I want your children to feel safe and happy in their surroundings, whether that is at home or on location. I want you all to enjoy the session, so that you’re not only left with beautiful photographs but a happy memory too. I want you to look back on that day and recall the natural smiles, not forced ones.

Amelia_Smile_BWAn added benefit to having a shoot in your own home is that there is no lugging half your house across town! No packing up the changing bag with all the usual things plus any meaningful props or changes of outfit, that’s one heavy bag! Instead everything is around you and there is little disruption to your routine. Don’t worry if they are napping when I’m due to arrive, this is totally fine. We do not want a grumpy child! Let them sleep, let them eat or have a cuddle when they need one. I allow approximately 2 hours for good reason, to have breaks. We can move around your home, go in the garden and have some bath time fun. This all makes your session genuinely unique.


As your photographer I urge you to not worry, to not feel embarrassed by a tantrum or tears. Children cry, they get fed up sometimes. I’ve experienced it all, pretty much everyday with my own children in fact! You know your child best, you know what makes them happy. So we will simply have a break and start again. If you have any special requirements or worries just let me know.



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