Terms & Conditions

Sarah Everett Photography Terms & Conditions for Photoshoots

Your Session –

Your session fee holds the date for your photoshoot with Sarah Everett Photography. Should the weather be unfavourable (for outdoor sessions) we will work together to organise a new session date to suit us both. Should one of your family members become unwell please let me know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule, this also applies to facial injuries. I am happy to reschedule to insure we can create the best possible experience for your family. If I am unwell I will also offer you the chance to reschedule or help you find an alternative photographer in the cases of parties/weddings. If you decide you’d like to cancel your session due to my illness I will provide you with a full refund.

I will ask you in advance of your session to complete a short online booking form. In this I will ask you for any WOW images you’d like to include. This could be related to a location, an expression of a particular emotion or family grouping, for example. I cannot guarantee the fulfilment of these requests for your photoshoot but I will conduct your photoshoot using my professional experience and skill. I will aways do my best to accommodate your requests. Though I will use my experience to engage with your children to bring out their natural smiles I cannot guarantee that our session will always run smoothly. We will work together as a team to achieve the best outcome possible.

Where you have booked onto one of my shorter session days I book families close together and therefore cannot overrun into another clients session time. If you arrive late I will do my best to work with the time we have but cannot guarantee your gallery will contain as many images or have enough time to truly engage with your family. I set my session times to a length that I feel is required to create the best set of images for you. With this in mind I always suggest that you visit the location in advance, check traffic news/road closures and arrive at the location 10-15 minutes ahead of your session time. It is your responsibility to arrive on time and ready to start our session together at your pre-booked time slot.

Parents or a guardian must be present at all times during our photoshoot if I am photographing children. It is your responsibility to keep your child/ren safe at all times. You must not take any photographs during the photoshoot without first obtaining permission from me. I am always happy for you to take behind the scenes shots which include me at work, you are welcome to post these to social media.

Ordering your images –

Following your session I will prepare a watermarked online gallery for you to view your images. You will be provided with a link via email to view, in most cases this link will stay live for 7 days. Your images will usually be ready to view within 14days from our session date. However during busy periods this timeframe may be a little longer. The number of images in your gallery will vary from session to session – For example a longer bespoke session will contain more images than one of my shorter 30 minute sessions. Larger families are also likely to view more images to include portraits of each child. I will always look to include images relating to your requests though I will always retain absolute discretion regarding – The images included (Not all images taken will be included from our photoshoot for various reasons including but not limited to blurred images, unfavourable facial expressions and close duplicates of the same set up) and digital editing to my match my style of final image. Examples of my work can be found on social media as well as on my website.

Sometimes I may feel that a particular image leads me to a black and white edit, please let me know in advance if you’d prefer all your images to be in colour. Where a black and white image has been selected and purchased no colour version will also be provided. If you’d prefer to see a black and white image in colour please let me know during the viewing period and I will be happy to revisit the image and work on a colour edit for you. Please note that each version/edit of an image is an image in its own right. If you would like to purchase both versions of an image you will be purchasing two images.

I am always happy to remove one or two spots when editing, these are usually easiest to remove if make up has not been applied to them. Please to talk to me about this in advance. Further editing to remove laughter lines etc may incur an additional charge, starting at £20 per image.

Please note that I do not in any case provide raw images.

I reserve the right to charge a fee for extending the availability of your viewing gallery, or to delete your viewing gallery and all photographs if you do not place an order within one month.

The purchase of Digital Images –

Where digital images are purchased you will be provided with a Usage and Print Release alongside your purchased images. Please download this with your collection of images and insure that you have read it carefully. I retain the copyright for all images but will provide my permission for you to use your images online and to print them.You must not use any image for commercial use (This includes a small work from home business but please contact me to discuss), editorial purposes or entered into a competition without the express written permission from Sarah Everett Photography, permission will not be unreasonably withheld though a charge will be required for commercial use.

You are not permitted to alter any of your purchased digital images in any way, to do so would be a breech of copyright. This includes but is not limited to cropping (with the exception of social media profile pictures), editing colours, changing an image to black and white (please contact me to purchase a black and white edit), adding Instagram filters or any other alteration to your original images. As well as being a breech of copyright any alterations would not reflect my standard of work.

Please also note that I cannot guarantee the quality of printing or colour matching with any other retailer. I use a professional standard printing lab whom I have tested prints with and trust to create beautiful products. Please contact me if you’d like to purchase prints or products.

Purchasing Products –

My Product Guide can be found on my website, I will also provide you with a direct link when I invite you to view your images. All orders will be made once I have received full payment. Due to the bespoke nature of these products they are non refundable. I will provide you with an approximate wait time for your products and I will keep you updated of any delays. Each product will be delivered to me where I will check it for quality. If for any reason I am unhappy with it I will contact my supplier to provide me with a replacement and update your with a new turnaround time. Though this could result in a longer wait time I am keen to provide you with the best product possible. Reasons for replacements could be overall damage, scratches to a frame or print surface or inadequate packaging.

Payment Options –

Digital images or print products can be purchased using a bank transfer or I can provide you with a Paypal invoice. You can either use your normal Paypal account or checkout as a guest to use any card, including credit card. For purchases over £200 I am happy to provide you with a payment plan – This can split your payment into a maximum of three payments and a minimum of £100 per payment. Your order would then be fulfilled once you have settled your balance. No product orders would be made until you have settled your full balance.

Archiving –

Your purchased digital files will be archived for a period of 3 years. Though I always suggest that my clients save their purchased images in at least two places sometimes files can be lost. This is at no charge to you and acts as a back up for you and for me. I cannot however explicitly guarantee that your images may not be lost due to computer or hard drive failure, it is your responsibility to keep your purchased images safe. Images that have been viewed by you but that you have chosen not to purchase will be deleted following the settlement of your order. Should you wish to save these images to return to at a later date please note that there will be a charge incurred for storage of said images. This fee will be wavered should you commit to purchasing additional images at a later date with a partial payment paid as a deposit and/or you have decided upon a payment plan for your purchase.