Thank You Babywearing

The beginning of the end…

Babywearing can I just take a moment to thank you? Thank you for all the times you were there for me. Thank you for all the times you calmed us. Thank you for the times I felt I just couldn’t cope with three children and you came along to save the day.

I guess I’ve taken you for granted a bit, I knew you were there. Just a piece of material some might say, but to me wow the things you can do! You’ve kept my daughter safe in busy crowds, we’ve walked on many an uneven path together, you’ve allowed us to chase after older siblings, to breastfeed on the go, to hold hands with both my boys on the school run. In the early days you settled her with me through teething, through developmental leaps. You kept her close when I had other jobs to do. I’ll also be forever thankful for you keeping her close enough to kiss after her seizure when she was one, I needed that reassurance and there you were.

You are amazing. I have memories stored forever and so many selfies! I have beautiful images too from a fabulous photographer friend. It’s getting close to a time of letting go. We no longer carry everyday, something that just crept up on me two weeks ago. I guess we never really know when a stage of life is coming to its end until you’re right there.

It’s not goodbye just yet but I know it’s not going to be much longer. I will treasure every carry we have a little more now, I will breathe in her hair a little deeper and share more whispers in her ear.

She still asks for you though and she knows you’re there. She asks me to bring a carrier incase she gets tired on a day out. She doesn’t often need you now but you being there keeps us calm.

Thank you babywearing for all you’ve given us.


If you’re a Babywearing Mama or Daddy I know that this means a lot to you, I know it’s an amazing part of your parenting, a tool used for so many different reasons. If you’d like to create beautiful babywearing portraits with me I’d love to hear from you. For 2017 I’m happy to offer these sessions to you at my seasonal session price of £89 which includes 3 digital images – this applies to my Highwoods Colchester location only. You may also like to include Babywearing in your family sessions with me! ♥

I have some shorter seasonal sessions at the beach available, I can just imagine some wrap tails blowing in the breeze or a family adventure. Or if you have a dream location just let me know and I’ll find it for you…

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