Tips for outdoor sessions this Autumn.

So as the colder weather approaches perhaps an outdoor session doesn’t appeal so much as during the warm summery months? Tempted to opt for a warm cosy studio? Well let me tempt you to the beauty that is nature!

Autumn, it’s beautiful! It’s my favourite season, the contrast of colours littering the ground and the trees is something I love most. The joy on a child’s face as they crunch through the leaves and throw them in the air! Wrapped up warm with rosy red cheeks as they explore nature, priceless! No indoor studio can offer that, nature is my studio!


Navy blue jumpers, jeans and welly boots!

It seems lots of you agree with me too. I’ve had a fantastic response since advertising my autumn mini sessions. You and nature will be the true stars but I do have a few things to bring with me. A brightly painted vintage chair is in the making…

So it’s going to be cold, I’m not going to sugar coat that, it’s not summer. Here’s some little tips to ensure that we avoid bulky coats, not something you necessarily want in your photographs!

Keep warm. It’s just as important to stay warm as it is to keep a newborn baby safe during a session. This comes first above all else. This doesn’t mean your child has to be hiding in their biggest winter coat though. Layers are your best friend! Whilst this might not be the most practical thing if you were popping to the shops, these are your photographs and we want them to look great, not just like snaps at the park. So start from the outside, what clothes to you want to be on show?


A chunky knit top with layers underneath.

A chunky jumper (personal favourite!), a cosy body warmer or a pretty cardigan? Whatever it is place it out on the bed next to the items from the other family members. Do they look good together or do they clash? Clothes are really important as they draw your family together in your photographs.

*If you’re not sure at this stage, please feel free to send me a photograph*

Next we can start with the layers. We have to be a bit careful here to ensure you don’t end up looking like the Michelin man! So thin layers are best. A vest, a thin t.shirt, a long sleeved top. Or thermal vests are great.


A lovely palette of blues.



Some coats can look great in photographs. A traditional looking duffle coat for example with toggle fastenings. If possible avoid sports type jackets as reflective lines and logos will be distracting. Blocks of colour always look great.

Go for a theme. So if there’s more than one person in your session try to group people together with a particular colour. I love my boys in navy blue, especially against the autumn colours. This doesn’t mean you all have to wear the same colour. Instead choose a palate of colour. For example you might like green, pink and white. Your little girl could wear a dress with all colours, whilst you pick out one colour for your son or yourself. You could all wear jeans but different coloured tops.

Have some fun with fashion. So your daughter loves to wear a tutu but it’s muddy outside and she can’t wear her favourite matching sandals. So team a pretty tutu with welly boots! Combining practicality with fun is a great way to get your child excited about the session. The key is to have a great time, it shows in your photographs, trust me! I have a colourful tutu if you’d like to give it a go without buying one.



I love this hat!

Little extras. Don’t be afraid to include hats, scarves and gloves. Again I’m a huge fan of chunky knitted items. You might all be dressed in dark colours but add some fun with a brightly coloured scarf. If it’s particularly cold and you don’t want them in your photographs then we will ditch them just before a shot.

I’ve just joined the lovely Pinterest. I’ve started a style board, take a look for a bit of inspiration!

Don’t forget that I’m here to help you too, feel free to email me with photographs or links if you’re unsure.

Sarah xx

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