Our trip to Enchanted Audley End

10th January 2019

This year we decided to try a few new experiences for Christmas. We knew we wanted to spend time together as a family and create some magical memories. I’m pretty sure some of them will now be new Christmas family traditions in the Everett household. So, Enchanted Audley. I’ve been longing to take our children to see beautiful lights, I’d seen other events but the travelling had put us off. When I spotted this on my Facebook timeline I knew I had to click the link and read a little more about it. It looked great! Though as with any new event you visit I had this worry in my belly that it wouldn’t live up to the specially angled images of families enjoying themselves. I needn’t have worried!

We arrived to a huge event car park, this wasn’t some small budget event! Even the lights lining the driveway (that we could see from the road) looked incredibly inviting. Wow, wow, wow! The moment we entered the gardens I already knew this would become a place we’d visit year after year for this event.

enchanted audley

Our senses were greeted by all the feels of Christmastime. The chill of the evening air, the smell of bonfires in the breeze and oh those lights! We ventured down beautifully lit pathways, spotted fairies in the trees, walked through tunnels of lights, ate marshmallows, drank mulled wine (just us, not the kids!), made music with bells and the kids even rode fairground rides. Just a truly incredible evening.

enchanted audley

enchanted audley

enchanted audley end

We booked our tickets quite late and the only availability for the date we wanted was 7.30 – 9pm. We were quite happy with that, it was the the Christmas holidays after all. We made dinner arrangements in Saffron Walden and it all worked out pretty well. The only thing I’d do differently next time is to book in advance for an earlier slot. Not because of the kids but so we’d have enough time to take another walk around the route!

I don’t often take my camera on days out with our family for risk of being distracted and not truly present, but I’m so glad I did! I found a perfect balance this time and it’s sparked my love for capturing my children simply as they are again.

Would you like to learn more about capturing your family day to day or on a special day out? Perhaps even to improve your holiday snaps. I’m planning on creating some workshop dates soon to help you with just that. Simple and easy to master tips to help you on your way. Feel free to drop me an email to show your interest and I’ll be in touch once I’ve finished planning!

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