There’s just something that I love about being in a woodland, it’s difficult to explain. A sense of calm perhaps, feeling at one with nature, the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind. Being an Essex photographer I have so many wonderful woodlands close by and a number of London clients have travelled here to experience our beautiful countryside. Imagine sitting beside a tree as you read a favourite story to your children, throw leaves in the air during the Autumn months, explore the woodland pathways as they weave through the bluebells. Each season brings a new wonder, something new for your family adventure.

Whether you’ll be travelling to me from London or live locally, I have the perfect locations for you. I will always recommend the woodlands that I know well in Colchester and Chelmsford, but I am of course open to your suggestions too!


child photo shoot colchester


We had an amazing photo shoot in the bluebell woods and from the booking of the session to getting our photos, Sarah has been amazing. I would 100% recommend the experience.