“Wow, that’s good value!”

DSC_0367So I’ve been thinking about this a lot, pricing! It’s a tough area for all small businesses to get “right”. There are many things to consider of course. From overheads to where you want your brand to sit in the market.

At a recent fun day I spoke to quite a few families, the general consensus was “wow that’s good value!” Many were surprised by how much was included. So I started to think am I too cheap?

Generally speaking in this industry you will pay for a session, a set fee for the actual time spent taking your photographs. Following this many photographers have various packages for you to buy your images. This could be high resolution photographs on a disc, actual prints or a mixture of both. More often than not the disc option is the most expensive. This is your photographer often handing over the copyright of the images to you, for you to then print or share as you wish. A disc of images is usually around £200-£300.

For me personally this was offered to me for our wedding photographs 5 years ago for an additional £250. After paying for our wedding we simply didn’t have the money to buy the disc.

So this got me thinking, where do those images end up?! Deleted at some point most likely.

We also used a well known studio for our eldest son’s baby photos. Looking through the images on the screen, having to pick the few we liked to purchase. £300 later we have a few photos we like! Lets face it, having children isn’t exactly cheap as it is. Again, the images we didn’t pick would be deleted at some point.

So with this all in mind maybe I could charge more, possibly a lot more! That said, I won’t be. I believe in making high quality photographs accessable to as many families as possible. I don’t limit you to having to choose a few you like, I would have already edited the photographs to show you so to me that would just be a waste.

I will give you direction throughout our session and am happy to discuss any concerns you may have prior to your session via email. This is often things like what wear or where to have your session. I use a professional printers for prints, framed prints and canvases should you wish to buy them. If you can’t afford to have them printed at the moment then you can then save for a future purchase.



This is simply how I want to deliver my service to you. I don’t wish to use a studio as that is not my style (see my lifestyle blog) but this also allows me to keep my costs down, making sure that I can provide excellent value for money to my customers.


Sarah xx

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