Covid Safety

It is incredibly important to me that you feel safe during our session together. The recent pandemic has left us all a little unsure about things that once felt so normal. We must all do our bit to slow the spread in both our personal and work lives. On my return to work I wrote a list of all the times I would usually come in physical  contact with my clients and decided how I could make each of these interactions safer for us both.

Greeting with waves. I’m usually all about the hugs but right now we can wave and smile instead. I will still bend down to greet children as I always would for a little chat.

Maintaining social distancing. Please remind your children of this before and during our session if need be.

Clients bringing their own blankets. I have a lovely collection of blankets that I tend to use for clients sitting on the ground, especially for younger children during Autumn/Winter sessions. I encourage all clients to bring their own but we can discuss this before your session. I can wash and use a blanket for one client but no longer use the same one for multiple families during a mini session day.

Chair props wiped down every time I touch them. I generally only use my white rocking chair now for breastfeeding sessions. The arms will always be wiped down after me carrying a chair. I do also encourage you to use hand gel at the beginning and end of your session.

Parents and partners now becoming my lovely assistants! To adjust hair, blankets, clothing etc. I won’t be too bossy I promise!

Newborn at Home Sessions. For sessions in your home with your new baby I am more than happy to wear a mask. I will also use hand gel before I enter your home. I will do this again if I need to adjust any furniture or bedding. I will not have any physical contact with you or your baby, I will instead talk you through where to position baby on a bed etc. Please note that none of my session involve posing baby so this will be very simple guidance.

These shoots are on hold until guidelines update – An Outdoor Newborn Shoot is a lovely alternative. Read more HERE


Rest assured, you are working with a Covid Secure business. You can read my full Covid Risk Assessment for Outdoor Photo Shoots and my LET’S WALK sessions below.



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