Time for YOU!

Ladies, it’s time to take a moment for yourselves. This is so much more than giving yourself a treat. You will be reconnecting with your inner strength, building on your self confidence and learning to love who you are now. Right now. Not who you once were, not who you want to be. This you needs your love and attention!

Sessions last approx an hour including a good old chat to start with, photo shoot and 2 digital images (Additional digital images start from £45). Plus of course I’m here to help you with clothing choices! £149.


Keep an eye out for group session dates and events!

female empowerment photo shoot

It was very welcoming to talk to somebody different who understood me well. I had such good fun during my session, switching my outfits, feeling happy, feeling confident and chuffed with what I have achieved in recent months.

I absolutely LOVE my images, for the first time in quite a long time I looked at one that shows my belly and liked it! I feel proud of what my belly and body has done growing my 4 children.


It meant the world to me to be standing there in that beautiful place side by side with these incredible women! I loved seeing how easily we can all lift one another up and help each other love ourselves a little more. Incredible experience



Group Sessions

You will embark on a journey with your fellow women, a journey of mutual respect and love. Your ears will be open to the stories of others and they too will open theirs to you. A safe place to begin to let go of any negativity that may be holding you back, to reawaken your inner power and find your sense of peace.

You will connect with the earth through your bare feet, sing, dance and be free. This is all about you, to be your true self, to find your truth. It’s a time to truly let go of inhibitions, enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin, feel the breeze in your hair.

You are so important.

Our time together will end in a gorgeous photo shoot as the sun begins to set. Images to remind you of how you felt when your power began to trickle back. A time when you gave yourself permission to indulge yourself with positive thoughts and freedom from all those negative thoughts you torture yourself with daily!