This choosing a photographer malarky is difficult right?! Finding the right fit for your family can be tricky, there are so many websites, so many styles and a huge variety of prices to take in. Not to mention a ton of recommendations from friends. I am a huge believer in planning (self confessed lover of lists here!) so my advice to you is to look around, give yourself time, no rushing. Find a photographer who you think you’d feel comfortable with, but more importantly you fall in love with their work. When that fit is right, ah magical things happen!


Invite me to your home – I’ll show you love.

Sit beside your child – I’ll show you their eyes as they look at you.

Let’s go for a walk – I’ll take you on an adventure.

Hug your family tight – I’ll show you an unbreakable bond.


Children are incredible, they cannot fake their emotions like we can. Let’s give them the space to be themselves, to show all sides of their amazing personalities. Let’s see those quirks that you love with everything you have. Their true natural smiles will come.

A photo shoot is so much more than creating beautiful images, it is an opportunity. A time free of phones and connection with the outside world. Instead it’s time to truly focus on your family, time to just be.

I can’t wait to be part of your family adventure, what a journey it is!

NEW FOR 2020 – We have decided to start a family blog, you can follow us on instagram @three_children_and_us or check out www.threechildrenandus.co.uk


My Loves...


Of course my family are my number one love. Their love and support gives me strength and determination to follow my heart. Some less known loves for you to get to know me a bit –


  • Cooking. I’m getting better at baking but my favourite things to make are delicious gravies and sauces.
  • Recycling, reusing and doing my bit to lessen my impact upon our beautiful world. Sometimes it takes questioning our everyday to see places that we could change. Some products that we’ve switched in our household are – Bamboo breast pads, I now use them to wash my face! Cloth nappies led me to cloth sanitary towels. Metal straws. Bamboo kitchen towel. Cream deodorant in a glass jar.
  • Writing, hence the blog!
  • Apocalyptic programmes and films. Seriously, obsessed! My husband and I often discuss our plans via text about what we’d do if the situation arose! Current obsession is The Walking Dead/Fear. Will watch any end of the world type film!
  • Lists. They are everywhere!
  • Mocktails. Sure I enjoy the odd glass of wine or Malibu & Coke but I have no desire to get drunk anymore. Instead give me a tasty concoction of juice and I’m happy!
  • Seeing other small businesses grow. Happy vibes, especially if I can help them on their way a little.
  • Cake. Sweet tooth appeared at the age of 25 when pregnant with our 2nd child and it never left! Cake, chocolate and biscuits, yum yum.
  • Making learning fun. I loved my time home preschooling April.
  • Reading.
  • Interiors. I blame Instagram.