You have overcome the hurdles of the early weeks and now you’re ready to celebrate your breastfeeding journey! I’d love to capture the connection between you and your nursling(s) – How they look deep into your eyes as they feed with their beautiful wide eyes, how they grab hold of your finger (or nose like my daughter!) and how together you have achieved this. Mama, you are amazing!

I have photographed tandem feeders, twins, young babies, toddlers, women who always knew they’d breastfeed and women who can’t quite believe they’ve got so far. All are proud of their achievements no matter what the duration of their breastfeeding journey, just as they should be!

We will create beautiful images together for you to remember this time in your lives always. You may like to dedicate a session to breastfeeding or take a moment during a family session.

You can read more about some of my past my breastfeeding photo shoots over on my blog – HERE

Please let me know during your family session if you’d like to capture some feeding images book your own Mini Breastfeeding session in Highwoods, Colchester. Available throughout the year. You could also book for a friend, what a wonderful gift to celebrate her breastfeeding journey and show your support. I’m also happy to arrange group breastfeeding sessions, please contact me to discuss further.


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Breastfeeding colchester

The best thing is she managed to get ‘that look’ that my son gives me when we are close and feeding. Something I will treasure for years to come.

breastfeeding photo shoot

Talking to Sarah ahead of the shoot I could tell that she understood the love and strength that I wanted to capture to reflect my breastfeeding journey with my son.


breastfeeding twins

breastfeeding photo shoot

What a special part of our breastfeeding journey today has been. It was honestly glorious. I felt like a goddess! Like every woman should! Thank you Sarah xx



breastfeeding beach