Autumn photo shoot – some tips!

20th October 2019

Autumn is my favourite!

An autumn photo shoot in the woods – I’m in my happy place. There isn’t one thing in particular that draws me to this wonderful season, I love it all. I love playing dragons with our breath on the morning school run, crunching in the leaves, welly walks through the muddy woods, the incredible show of colours that mother nature brings, wrapping up warm in coats and scarves. I could go on. Oh the wholesome foods too, more roasts, stews and apple crumble- get in my belly!

autumn photo shoot

Every single sense in my body is filled with happiness in the autumn!

So it goes without saying that I adore outdoor photo shoots in autumn. Cosy clothing, gorgeous colours and rosy cheeks, love it! I have my favourite spots for capturing your family but maybe you could be on the hunt for your own. Maybe you’d like to take some lovely autumnal images yourself? Here’s some tips to help you whether you’re a client of mine preparing for their upcoming session or simply a lover of photography –


Embrace accessories! Hats, scarves and gloves keep your little ones warm but they also have another purpose, they add pops of colour and texture to your images. Block colours, bobbles and chunky knits all look amazing. Plus you don’t need to be matchy matchy! One child could have yellow, another orange or blue.

Layers! You may have a gorgeous tailored coat but generally our children don’t. They have something bulky keeping them warm to get them to preschool or school. So let’s forget about coats for the kids. Bring them along for our walk to our location and for warming up between shots but they don’t need to be part of your outfit. This is where layering comes in. A gorgeous chunky knit jumper or pinafore dress can be covering vests, long sleeved tops, tights and extra pairs of socks! Even I go for extra socks in my wellies for work, I especially love my woollen ones!

autumn photo shoot

General tips-

  • Look out for hidden dog poo in the leaves or on pathways.
  • Love a pathway but there’s no leaves on the ground? Go collect some in a bag and bring them to your spot.
  • Embrace muddy puddles!
  • I wouldn’t be without my welly boots and waterproof trousers.
  • Look for fun angles – shoot low to the ground, looking up to the sky, through leaves and trees!
  • Have a flask of a warm drink in the car.
  • Bring clean comfy clothes for the kids to wear in the way home, including a change of socks.
  • Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

autumn photo shoot

Autumn Photo Shoot in Colchester

My Autumn photo shoots in Colchester have now started, though I do still have some spaces in my diary if you’re yet to book. I’d love to meet you and if you have any questions just drop me a message! Book HERE

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