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16th October 2020

Horses, dogs and children – All in a days work!

It was a late afternoon during September, the forecast was perfect. We had scheduled our photo shoot to make the most of that gorgeous light before the sun sets. As I headed back to the family farm I’d visited two years before I could feel the excitement building. Working with families again and again is one of the best feelings, we build a trust over the years. Families return because they feel valued and know that they’ll love their images before they’ve even viewed them! This is made all the more special when you are invited back to a family home.

This wasn’t a family photo shoot in the usual sense though, this session was all about their horses! Sally is a doting grandparent to her two beautiful granddaughters and they share her love for the horses. Family connections don’t end with human relationships, the love we have for our animals is just as worthy to be captured.

horse photographer

I find myself thanking Sarah for her patience and I think this is essential when photographing children (and the horses & dogs we asked her to include) – we never feel under pressure for time and Sarah’s calm aura rubs off on the rest of us.

equestrian photographer

equestrian photographer

We love Sarah, and if you’re looking for a relaxed, natural photo shoot capturing your children just the way they are, then look no further – you won’t regret it!

Oh and I forgot to mention, at one point I was surrounded by the cutest little dogs. Honestly I couldn’t stop smiling on my way home! Family photo shoots bring me so much joy, it is so much more than a job. I love being silly with your children to bring out those natural smiles, chatting with you and enjoying the beautiful locations our sessions take us to. Add in a few cute dogs and being able to give a shetland pony a stroke – Heaven!

Pet Photographer

Pet Photographer Essex

We ended our time together with the girls showing me how they groom the horses. Aren’t they just the cutest?! Both Mummy and Nanny were always right there with them just out of shot.

equestrian photographer

equestrian photographer

Quality family time means so many different things, I love being invited for a glimpse into your world. Whether you have the perfect location in mind or would like some guidance on beautiful places, let’s get planning together!

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