Branding Photo Shoot – Why book?

18th March 2021

Phone cameras are better than ever, entry level cameras are more affordable these days and social media tends to lean towards in the moment imagery – Is it even necessary to book branding photo shoot with a professional photographer?

For some business owners the answer may well be no – perhaps you have fairly good camera skills or simply don’t have the money to invest at the moment. Even if you’re not ready I’d still love to hear your plans! Payment plans are an option too. Earning a living through your bookings is of course important to me but I really can’t wait to show you how beautiful imagery can impact your business. Not just for your future customers but in how you feel about your business too!

Last year I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful collection of images for Maria at Beautiful Bonds, here’s what she had to say about her experience…

Why did you decide to have a professional branding photo shoot? (Why not do it yourself? Was it something you’d thought about for a while?)

I had been thinking it for a while and I had been following you for a while too as I knew you had a similar ethos to me. I was lucky enough to be lent some money to start my business and I wanted some professional photos to make everything look more official and professional. It never really occurred to me to do it myself as I know these things are done better by a professional! If I want people to pay me to help with something they may be able to do themselves then I have to be willing to do the same for my business, if that makes sense!

branding photo shoot

How did you find the experience with me? Was it what you expected?

It was great! I loved finally getting to chat with you and as expected you knew what to do about models, about places to go and the best photos to take. What I wasn’t expecting was the ideas you brought too. Making me think what I was actually going to use the photos for, trying to get pictures that I could use throughout the year and continue to use in the years to come. You made me think what else we could take pictures of, like my demo dolls and my mannequin and myself! I hadn’t planned on having pictures of myself but now I’m so glad you pushed it and I did it!

You have been presented with a beautiful collection of images to use across your business. How have you used your branding imagery?

I started using them slowly and then used a few of them in a series about reasons to babywear. Now I use them when I do a social media post about my business and they are used on my website and as my cover photo. I plan on getting some marketing material printed soon and I will definitely be using these images!

branding photo shoot essex

Have you taken anything else from your experience? Ie picked up any tips.

To think outside the box! It doesn’t have to be a picture of someone using a sling to get my carrying message across 😊

babywearing branding photo

Now that you have been using your images have they changed how you perceive your business? Ie more confident or feeling more professional?

I definitely perceive my business as more professional looking now. I have also had a logo and name change and these 3 things together make me very proud of what I am creating.

Would you recommend this service to other business owners? Why is it an investment they should consider?

Yes most definitely! Sarah is so friendly and kind and amazing at what she does. I could tell she really cared and wanted to help me get the best out of my sessions. I would not have gotten that if I had done it myself. If you want your business to look professional then you need to invest in professional services and photos are a great way to get that look!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a thank you again for my amazing images! I love browsing my website and seeing how beautiful it looks with all your photos on! And on a personal note, I really did love meeting you after following you for a few years 😊 Also, my favourite picture is the one of my dad and all 3 boys that I use as my main picture. I love love love it!! Totally captures my Beautiful Bonds name too!


Maria owns Beautiful Bonds providing a whole range of support – including carrying consultations and her brand new course to support you through the fourth trimester. Find our more here:


Interested in your own Branding Photo Shoot? Head over to my branding pages or get in touch to start planning!


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