Choosing a location for your family photo shoot

4th March 2021

You’ve made the decision, you’re ready to book. You LOVE being outdoors with your family and can’t wait to have a beautiful collection of images to show off! But you’re a little bit stuck because you can’t settle on the location. I want you to know that I’m here for you right for the beginning, let’s talk it over, tell me your thoughts and I’ll guide you through – every step of the way!

Some things to consider…

Where do YOU love spending time together? Forget the look of the images for a moment. Think about the environment that your family thrives in and your interests. A place that instantly feels welcoming, a place that you all love to be. Don’t let any thoughts come in about safety, your toddler eating sand/mud/twigs or where the nearest loos are…not yet! I choose my locations as a photographer as well as a mum. I will know how far the car park is to the location, the nearest loos, a place to eat etc – ALL this I can help with.

Have you seen a photo of mine and just fallen in love?! Your mind has begun to place your own family in that scene, you want it! Are you worried that your family won’t be chilled enough or the weather won’t be just right? STOP! If you have a picture in your mind of how you would like your final images to look, TELL ME! I know my locations – I know how they look through the seasons, I know when various flowers bloom and the best times of day to shoot. Let’s make it happen – together! And if we are all planned and ready to go for a sunset session but the weather just isn’t on our side I will happily move you to a new date. In fact I’d rather do that to get the best possible result we can. You want beautiful images and I want to create them for you!

Worried about all the things, mostly the kids! Firstly let me tell you that I’ve seen it all. I have 3 young children of my own and I’m not ever going to be judging you. I couldn’t care less if your child is picking their nose or walking slowly to our shooting spot. I’m pretty chilled (it’s easier with other peoples kids!) and we are a team from start to finish.

The one thing I want you to be is relaxed. I want you to enjoy our experience together. Creating happy memories and capturing it all as we go. Plan for needing extra snacks, possible changes of clothes and tissues. Bring anything that will make your life easier.

Safety, time of day, loo breaks etc – Do not let worries hold you back from your dream photo shoot! I am here supporting you and guiding you to make sure your experience is a happy one. I have worked with so many young families on beautiful spring and summer evenings, trust me it’s worth it!

Something else making you feel anxious? Let’s talk about it! Whether you’d like to email, chat on the phone or meet me for a walk and talk – I’m here.

Morning photo shoot in the woods – Spring.


Sunny morning on the beach.

beach hut photo shoot

Behind the beach huts – Summer morning.

Golden Hour at the beach.


breastfeeding photo shoot

Summer at Golden Hour.

Summer portrait at Golden Hour.

Dedham Vale – Cloudy afternoon in Spring.

family photo shoot Essex

End of Summer – Golden Hour in Chalkney Woods.

My Favourites – Golden Hour in Highwoods, Colchester and mornings on the beach. Followed closely by mornings in the woods!

Let your mind wonder and create the perfect family photo shoot in your mind – I’ll do the rest and bring it all to life for you!


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