Cosy Christmas Photo Shoot in Essex

26th October 2019

Christmas photo shoots, we see them advertised all over social media at this time of year. I have to admit, for me personally I’ve always been a wait until December to talk things Christmas kinda girl! Or at the very earliest last November. I remember being a teenager working in BHS and being sick of hearing Christmas songs. My exception to the rule is Christmas films, I’ll watch them any time of year!

Becoming a Mummy

Then I became a Mum and the excitement of Christmas coming came forward a bit. Thinking about gifts, Christmas productions to watch, helping them learn their lines and songs. Plus deciding who we would spend that special day with. Motherhood has brought back that childhood magic to the Christmas period for me, I see it through their eyes. In a way it’s become even more special than my own childhood memories, a brand new perspective. Not to mention the appreciation I now have for the special Christmases that my own parents created for my siblings and I!

Outdoor Christmasy fun!

I started offering outdoor Christmas photo shoots in Colchester a few years ago. My vintage wooden sledge and me dressed in a Christmas jumper- in November! Get me, the wait until December girl feeling festive an entire month early! I love the crisp air of an autumnal morning and when we get a frost, oh so beautiful!

christmas photo shoot

christmas photo shoot

A cosy indoor space

Now I have this beautiful and cosy indoor space. It feels homely and inviting. I adore my little bed set up, it feels real and familiar. So this year I’m offering Christmas photo shoots here. For little ones and our not so little ones! For the older children there will be “hot chocolate” which is actually cream and marshmallows. They could read a Christmas story too.

christmas photo shoot


christmas photo shoot essex

Worried that you won’t want to display Christmas photos all year round?

Well you don’t have to! Use your images for creating family Christmas cards, gift a framed image to family members (easy gift!) or frame your own and bring them out each year with your Christmas decorations. You could even put a small print in a bauble!

Book yours now!

Alternative Christmas present ideas…

Looking for something a little more special to gift this Christmas? Want a Christmas that isn’t just about things? Have a little read of this blog from last year. Lots of ideas for Christmas presents when your home is already overflowing with toys!

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