An evening session at the beach {Mersea Island}

There’s no getting away from it, I love the beach! This summer I’ve had the absolute pleasure of shooting there nearly every weekend. I love the scenery, I love how I feel when I’m there and there’s so much for children to explore. As I drive down Seaview Avenue and get the first glimpse of the ocean something just clicks inside me. It brings back childhood memories and I just feel home. It’s a multi sensory experience; the beautiful views, the feel of the sea air as it touches your face, feeling the sand between your toes and the salty smell of the sea.

So when Megan told me she’d love to have an evening session at the beach you can imagine my excitement! Prior to this we had met in the Spring bluebells twice and had a Christmas Mini session last year so I was eager to have more time with her with a full lifestyle session at the beach. I couldn’t wait to see her sons smile again, you’ll see why soon! Utterly infectious!

We kept in touch via email following her booking her date. I’m here to help you prepare and ensure you get the most from your session, ultimately to produce the perfect images for you to display in your home. The number one question is always clothing and rightly so. Showing the connection between family members I’d say is the most important thing to me, closely followed by achieving the right look for your family. Now usually for the beach I suggest pastels, muted tones, white and blues. However I know that Megan loves colour so really this wouldn’t suit her family. So we went for colour and it works so well. Each outfit should compliment the next and she showed me photos of clothing she liked. We agreed what worked best together, it’s so important for clients to feel supported at this stage.

We arrived at the car park ready for some beach fun. Unsurprisingly the journey had sent her son to sleep. She gently woke him and we took our time to walk over the road to the beach. It was nice to allow for this, it felt so calm and relaxed. I love my mini sessions but there isn’t the luxury of fully taking our time like this.


We began close to the beautiful pastel beach huts, Mummy had brought his bubble car along. Bubbles plus young children, always a winner! We sat on the sand and allowed him to warm up to his surroundings, then there it was, the smile that I adore!




This was our 4th session together but our first with her partner and his daughter. Seeing the love between them was so great to see and the perfect reminder that families come in so many forms.





Next we headed to the sea to collect shells and to throw stones into the water. I love to take families to the sandbanks. It’s a beautiful area and the children love to explore here. They found the tiniest of crabs, we lost it a few times!



Whether you’ve been together a year, 10 years or 30 years I think it’s so important to capture couples. We focus so much on our children that it’s nice to turn the attention on the adults. The reaction I get when I tell my clients to have a kiss is priceless, beaming smiles and bright eyes often leading to laughter!



Megan has chosen to have this image of their two children as a stunning acrylic print for her wall. It’ll be arriving next week, I can’t wait to give it to her!




I’m looking forward to many more photo shoots at the beach. I’m heading there at 8.30am in a couple of weeks, the light will be gorgeous! I’d love for you to join me there, it’s such a brilliant place for family sessions.




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