Everyday Memories

It occurred to me recently that something was missing from my family photographs. I absolutely love to focus on faces, I adore capturing the glint in the eyes of a happy child and the connections between them. When I look back on my childhood photographs I find myself looking beyond my family members and towards all that surrounds us. I want an insight into our everyday lives, I wonder what we’d been doing that day, the everyday chores, the getting ready, the making a mess and the toys we owned. I want my children to be able to see all that in our family photographs.

So yesterday morning I decided to get started. This is just a typical weekend morning of playing and clothes being put away, wearing pjs and with messy bed hair!








As you can see she loves to “assist” me with the clothes! She loves to shout “Me help!” and of course I let her – redo it later though! Last week we changed the boys beds to bunk beds so I had a sit (hmmm crouch!) on the lower bunk and just watched for literally 2 or 3 minutes. I spotted the shadows of the lego pieces on the wall and he loved it!


He touched each piece to see which shadow it had created and I looked on in awe at the beautiful morning light as it poured through their bedroom window. Still my favourite window in our house due to it’s low ledge!

Photography Lesson

Before leaving to collect our new car the boys took an interest in my camera so we had a little impromptu lesson about finding the light, holding it steady and gently pressing the shutter release button. To my amazement they really listened and were completely captivated, you would not believe my excitement at the possibility of my boys joining me in my business! And breathe… early days…. they’re only 5 and 6! This image is one of my favourites because it gives me a glimpse into how he sees his big brother. My 5 year old took this, he found the light and set up the angle whilst using my hand as a tripod.



These everyday moments are so precious. They’re the reason you reach for your phone so many times a day, to capture the real them. Of course I’d love for you to invite me into your home for a lifestyle session –  I’d watch your children play and your whole family just being you. But give it a go yourself, see if these are the style of image you’d love. Take ten minutes out of your day to move around your child as they go about their daily routine, change your angle, get down low or high, see the light on their cheeks. You could be doing anything at all – household chores, baking cakes (flour fight?!), playing lego or just hanging out at home. The important thing is that it’s something that your family does.


Go capture some Everyday Memories! Or invite me over to do it for you….


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