Why hire a professional family photographer?

Why hire a professional family photographer when you can just take your own photos? You know your kids the best right? You’d save yourself so much money. Especially outdoor photography or in your home, anyone can do that….

Well yes and a big no! Of course you know your children the best, that’s why we work together to make sure they are the happiest they can be and feel safe. We decide on a location that suits your family, I ask you about things they may be scared of too. Of course you can take your own photos everyday and I encourage you to do so! All those amazing raw moments of everyday life, some that only you see, they’re all so special to you. Perhaps you even print them and display them in your home.

But there is a difference between your personal phone snaps and images created by a professional, simply we are creating art.

You book us because you like our style and I’m well aware that you all have such different tastes. The way I edit compared to another photographer could be miles apart, that’s what makes this business so fun and amazing! I probably view a location quite differently to you too, I see it from many angles and plan around the light I love the most.

And where are you in all this?

Sure, you could make use of the handy self timer button but that forces you to interact in a set time frame – of what? A minute or just seconds? Been there myself… Haha!

How can you capture those real moments of you with your children alone?

Or your family all together. Simply a professional photographer is here to offer you a bespoke service. A special time, a time out from the busy norm. A chance to just be with your family and enjoy yourselves!

It’s not just about the images!

Now I’m imagining you just pulled a funny face there, what’s she talking about?! She’s offering photo shoots but it’s not all about the images, what?!┬áIt’s the EXPERIENCE!

It’s a time just with your family, a time to truly focus on each other without distractions. We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we realise we haven’t even looked at our partners face for a while, not properly. Are you nodding right now?! A time for your children to run free and for you to witness them just letting go and being themselves.

“Sarah took some beautiful natural photos, she has a real eye for locations and my children were at ease with her. In all the session was much more enjoyable and easier than I anticipated so we shall be returning!” – Marianne

We all deserve a treat now and then. We are not all super stars with bucket loads of cash and our own personal photographer that captures you everyday! We are normal families that save up for treats and plan for an investment.

I pride myself in creating an environment for you to enjoy your experience. A mix of fast pace to keep the momentum going with young children and calm time for cuddles – these are the images you will treasure most, the real you. I am here every step of the way from settling on the perfect location for you and clothing choices, to helping you create beautiful wall art that suits your home.

I’m looking forward to a Summer of trips to the beach, running through the wheat fields at my private farm location and the odd sunflower (!!!!) thrown in too! I’d love to speak to you to start planning your perfect family photo shoot at a location that fits you be it outdoors or in your own home.

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